Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TETRIS® Blitz - App Review

TETRIS® Blitz app for Apple iOS and Android reboots this retro classic puzzle game and turns it into an action packed replay game, with timed rounds and loads of excitement. If you love Tetris, then you’ll absolutely love this new iteration. And if you don’t love Tetris, then buzz off, cuz you’re not a true gaming aficionado and might not know a good time when you see it. (continued)

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TETRIS® Blitz app displays in portrait to reveal a typical Tetris gaming environment, reimagined for a modern gaming world. Old school Tetris had old school mechanics that suited the play well and catapulted it into iconic gaming status. This revamped version of that classic removes the slow and plodding mechanics of the original to add timed rounds of play, online multi player, lightning fast reflexes and need for speed imperative. As per usual, geometric shapes appear at the top of your screen, and your objective is to place them at the bottom of your screen, and interlock and arrange them so as to complete horizontal lines, which then disappear, row by row. If you’re messy with your arrangement, the geometric shapes will pile up and reach the top of your screen, thus ending the game. And now for the new stuff….

The first new innovation here, comes in how your geometric shapes are placed. Classic Tetris is a thinker’s game, offering ample opportunity to plot and strategize your best moves as the geometric shapes slowly descend to the bottom of your screen. Alternatively, this one instantly shows you several ghost placements for your shapes, and all you need do is tap one to instantly place your block into position. If you don’t like the suggested placements, you can hit the toggle button on the left to reveal some alternatives. The advantage of this instant block placement, is it encourages rapid-fire speed play; tapping and placing shapes in rapid fire succession. The objective here is to clear as many horizontal rows as possible within a 2 minute time limit.

To up the fun even more, this newfangled Tetris adds special power up blocks that explode with color and vibrancy, clearing rows in mass succession. And unlike classic Tetris, empty spaces accrued along the way can be filled with falling pieces left behind as rows disappear. There’s also a final flurry at the end of the game that earns extra bonus points.

The graphics feature neon glow sorta visuals that are oozing saturation and dripping vibrancy. There’s a lot of juicy eye candy to devour here, and it’s all very inviting and captivating. The animation is fast pace and energetic, effectively adding angst and imperative to the play. The sounds are upbeat, energetic and lively, effectively upping the enjoyment of play and adding to the urgency. The controls use rapid fire screen taps to deliver the goods and all was copacetic.

TETRIS® Blitz does a great job of rebooting this classic puzzle game to create something wholly new and original, while retaining the familiar and addictive mechanics that made this one a classic to begin with. This one is on my personal short list and it’s really cool to have a newfangled version of this gaming classic to rediscover and enjoy.   



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