Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pivvot - App Review

Pivvot app for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool replay game that’ll have you jonesing for more, like an addict twitching for a fix. Guide your pivoting pixel ball along a twisty-turny line laden with geometric perils. This one is highly addictive and lots of fun for replay fans of all ages. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Pivvot presents in landscape mode, though it almost doesn’t matter which way you hold your gizmo, because it’s a psychedelic trip either way. You see, there’s this deceptively simple looking line that zigzags through a plain background of alternating hues; it bends and twists every which way, and all you gotta do is hang on for the ride. Attached to that line, is a short straight line with a lone pixel ball attached to the end of it. Your mission, is to pivot and turn that pixel ball on a stick so as to navigate through an array of spinning and pulsating obstacles. Just ride that wave till ya can’t ride no more; go as far as you can and best your last score before invariably biting it, dying a gruesome pixel death. Disclaimer: you will bite it often, and hit that replay button like a hopeless meth head.

The controls use your favorite two digits to make the magic happen; just tap either side of your screen to rotate your pixel on a stick clockwise or counterclockwise, as the case may be. The graphics look like someone popped some acid and puked pixels all over my retina display; very kaleidoscopic and funky eye candy visuals. The animation is lively and energetic, effectively drawing you into the play and keeps you twitching for more. I was particularly fond of the text readout that lets you know how many times your sorry ass died on any given level. Yup there’s checkpoints along the way, so you can pick up from where you left off with each successive replay, not that it’ll help you much. The sounds feature lively music that effectively add to the angst and imperative.

Pivvot is good clean fun, though I really can’t see anyone but a Rain Man type playing this for hours on end, and no doubt crushing it like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t help but go back to this one again and again; it’s just that friggin’ diabolical. Play it if you dare.



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