Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Discover O - A Minimalist Game - App Review

Discover O - A Minimalist Game app for Apple iOS and Android is a cool puzzle game that requires lightning fast mental acuity and skillful motor function. Swipe a colored dot into the matching quadrant of an orbiting circle and try to best your last score. This one has a heavy replay value and addictive mechanics that’ll leave you twitching for more. (continued)

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Discover O - A Minimalist Game app displays in portrait to reveal a colored dot, nestled within the center of an orbiting circle that's comprised of differently colored quadrants. Your objective, is to swipe your little colored dot into the matching quadrant of the containing circle, and repeat as many times as you can before ultimately screwing up and biting it. The mechanics of play are deceptively simple and heavy on replay value. Just keep swiping and sliding as fast as you can to make as many matches as possible. Oh, and to make things trickier, your little colored circle gets smaller and smaller, until it ultimately disappears, thus ending the game. Speed and imperative are definitely part of the mechanics here, and you only have a limited amount of time to make each match. The play gets faster and faster as you go along, so failure is eminent.

The controls use cutting edge directional screen swipes to make the magic happen, and all was copacetic, so there’s no blaming that when you suck at this game. The graphics feature jaw dropping visuals, like a lone dot with alternating hues, contained within a circle comprised of 4 differently colored quadrants - do I hear any oohs and ahhs out there? The animation is actually lively and energetic, adding to the addictive quality of play. The sounds feature basic punctuation and added some mild entertainment value without being tediously repetitious and annoying.

Discover O - A Minimalist Game app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality replay game that’s sure to entertain for a little while at least. The mechanics are fast paced and addictive, and the play is challenging; perfect for those tedious moments waiting in line, or in a doctor’s waiting room, without being so enthralling that you lose track of where you are. Enjoy!

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