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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pivvot - App Review

Pivvot app for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool replay game that’ll have you jonesing for more, like an addict twitching for a fix. Guide your pivoting pixel ball along a twisty-turny line laden with geometric perils. This one is highly addictive and lots of fun for replay fans of all ages. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Pivvot presents in landscape mode, though it almost doesn’t matter which way you hold your gizmo, because it’s a psychedelic trip either way. You see, there’s this deceptively simple looking line that zigzags through a plain background of alternating hues; it bends and twists every which way, and all you gotta do is hang on for the ride. Attached to that line, is a short straight line with a lone pixel ball attached to the end of it. Your mission, is to pivot and turn that pixel ball on a stick so as to navigate through an array of spinning and pulsating obstacles. Just ride that wave till ya can’t ride no more; go as far as you can and best your last score before invariably biting it, dying a gruesome pixel death. Disclaimer: you will bite it often, and hit that replay button like a hopeless meth head.

The controls use your favorite two digits to make the magic happen; just tap either side of your screen to rotate your pixel on a stick clockwise or counterclockwise, as the case may be. The graphics look like someone popped some acid and puked pixels all over my retina display; very kaleidoscopic and funky eye candy visuals. The animation is lively and energetic, effectively drawing you into the play and keeps you twitching for more. I was particularly fond of the text readout that lets you know how many times your sorry ass died on any given level. Yup there’s checkpoints along the way, so you can pick up from where you left off with each successive replay, not that it’ll help you much. The sounds feature lively music that effectively add to the angst and imperative.

Pivvot is good clean fun, though I really can’t see anyone but a Rain Man type playing this for hours on end, and no doubt crushing it like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t help but go back to this one again and again; it’s just that friggin’ diabolical. Play it if you dare.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nitro Nation Online Apple iOS - App Review

Nitro Nation Online for Apple iOS is a super cool, need for speed sorta drag racing game with killer graphics, addictive play and some kick ass cars to unlock and try. This one offers some high octane fun for racing fans of all ages and improves upon the Android version to deliver play that's on par with CSR and Fast & Furious racing apps. Go hard, go fast, or go home with your tail between your legs. If virtual racing is your bag, then this is the app for you. (continued)
 Official App Store Link: Apple iOS

Nitro Nation takes place on what looks to be the mean streets of Los Angeles at night, with a beautiful city skyline in the background. The stage is set for a good old fashioned street race between two rival racers. A large crowd is out to watch the event and it’s you against computer and live online opponents. The cool thing about this one, is everyone is on a level playing field, unlike other games, that often match-up lesser cars against tricked out beasts that you can never beat. Yup, there’s plenty of cool upgrades to be had, but the fair play option is cool because you could be racing against a 12 year old or a blue-rinse granny, and everyone has a fair shot of winning. It all comes down to precision and skill; hit those perfect shifts at the precise moment, blast your nitro strategically, and you can come out victorious.

The play starts you off with a sporty Alpha Romeo to get you going, which is cool since other apps start you off with crap economy cars that nobody in their right mind would trick out, let alone race; it kinda kills your street cred if you’re racing a car with a baby seat in the back and PTA stickers on the bumper. Nope, most all of these rides are ‘roided out muscle cars, from chic Euro sportsters to good old fashioned, gas guzzling American beasts. Yup, you’ll have to dip into your lunch money or parent’s pockets if you’re the impatient type and want to buy a shiny new car, pronto. But you can also exercise patience and prudence and earn your ride like in the real world. Either way, there’s loads of cool cars here and, mommy-mommy, I want them all! (continued)

The heart of the app here is naturally the racing, and the mechanics of play will be familiar to any fan of racing apps. Basically, the races feature head to head match-ups in both story mode, and direct challenges. There’s a gas pedal on the right, with a gearbox graphic just below that; rev the engine and hit that sweet spot for a perfect launch. Once you burn rubber off the starting line, the gas pedal disappears, leaving just the gearbox for shifting while racing. The pared down controls lend themselves well to players of all skill levels. The lower center portion of your screen is where your RPM and speedometer readouts display, featuring high impact fonts and feedback. There’s a circular graphic around the tachometer with colored sections for yellow, green and red, denoting the best places to shift. Naturally, you want to grind them gears when the RPM needle is in the green, so as to hit a perfect shift and maximize your acceleration; this is where virtually all competitive races are won and lost. The color coded shift zone gets smaller as you climb into higher gears, thus making it more challenging to hit those perfect shifts. Over revs will cost you more lag time than early shifts, but both are a buzz kill, to be sure; so look sharp and shift with precision.

The controls feel responsive, allowing for expert play, and naturally, there’s loads of menus and upgrades to click through; all functionality was copacetic. The graphics feature eye candy visuals with glistening paint jobs that reflect chic evening lighting quite nicely. This is one of those games that’s as fun to look at as it is to play. The animation is clean and renders well, with outstanding illusions of speed, throttle and acceleration that’s sure to quench any adrenaline junkie’s penchant to go hard and go fast. The plumes of smoke and burning rubber were a nice touch. The soundscape goes for realism, with screeching tires, testosterone driven engine wails and realistic ambiance.

The plot for these apps is usually pretty lame, but this one builds upon the Android version to deliver a decent story that’s worth following. It’s also worth noting that the quality of the story graphics has been bumped up a notch, trading the cheesy drawings that played on stereotypes for more photo realistic characters that are pleasing to the eye. If the story is too much of a buzz kill for ya, just stick to the guts and glory of head to head racing and ignore the set dressing; either way, there’s a lot of game to be played here, so this one will keep you busy a good while.

My advice with games like this, is find one you love and stick with it, because there’s no sense spreading yourself thin over several apps. Focus on one and sink your money and time into mastering it, unlocking all the cool upgrades and as many cars as your pocketbook can handle. Just don’t be an idiot and spend more on your virtual ride than your real one. The definition of irony, would be playing this while you ride the bus, with nary the ability to scrounge up the coin and afford a real car of your own.

I was particularly fond of the cool car trivia graphics that display between rounds, delivering some interesting factoids and tidbits about all your favorite cars, I just wish they stayed onscreen long enough to actually read them, and offered a click through feature for those who simply don’t care and want to get straight to the action.

Nitro Nation Online for Apple iOS is the drag racing app you've been waiting for. It combines the best elements of CSR Racing and Fast & Furious to deliver a quality game unto its own. This one is not to be missed and sure to be a hit with racing fans of all ages. Why are you still sitting here reading this? Hurry up and download it already! See you at the finish line, suckers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TETRIS® Blitz - App Review

TETRIS® Blitz app for Apple iOS and Android reboots this retro classic puzzle game and turns it into an action packed replay game, with timed rounds and loads of excitement. If you love Tetris, then you’ll absolutely love this new iteration. And if you don’t love Tetris, then buzz off, cuz you’re not a true gaming aficionado and might not know a good time when you see it. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

TETRIS® Blitz app displays in portrait to reveal a typical Tetris gaming environment, reimagined for a modern gaming world. Old school Tetris had old school mechanics that suited the play well and catapulted it into iconic gaming status. This revamped version of that classic removes the slow and plodding mechanics of the original to add timed rounds of play, online multi player, lightning fast reflexes and need for speed imperative. As per usual, geometric shapes appear at the top of your screen, and your objective is to place them at the bottom of your screen, and interlock and arrange them so as to complete horizontal lines, which then disappear, row by row. If you’re messy with your arrangement, the geometric shapes will pile up and reach the top of your screen, thus ending the game. And now for the new stuff….

The first new innovation here, comes in how your geometric shapes are placed. Classic Tetris is a thinker’s game, offering ample opportunity to plot and strategize your best moves as the geometric shapes slowly descend to the bottom of your screen. Alternatively, this one instantly shows you several ghost placements for your shapes, and all you need do is tap one to instantly place your block into position. If you don’t like the suggested placements, you can hit the toggle button on the left to reveal some alternatives. The advantage of this instant block placement, is it encourages rapid-fire speed play; tapping and placing shapes in rapid fire succession. The objective here is to clear as many horizontal rows as possible within a 2 minute time limit.

To up the fun even more, this newfangled Tetris adds special power up blocks that explode with color and vibrancy, clearing rows in mass succession. And unlike classic Tetris, empty spaces accrued along the way can be filled with falling pieces left behind as rows disappear. There’s also a final flurry at the end of the game that earns extra bonus points.

The graphics feature neon glow sorta visuals that are oozing saturation and dripping vibrancy. There’s a lot of juicy eye candy to devour here, and it’s all very inviting and captivating. The animation is fast pace and energetic, effectively adding angst and imperative to the play. The sounds are upbeat, energetic and lively, effectively upping the enjoyment of play and adding to the urgency. The controls use rapid fire screen taps to deliver the goods and all was copacetic.

TETRIS® Blitz does a great job of rebooting this classic puzzle game to create something wholly new and original, while retaining the familiar and addictive mechanics that made this one a classic to begin with. This one is on my personal short list and it’s really cool to have a newfangled version of this gaming classic to rediscover and enjoy.   


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Discover O - A Minimalist Game - App Review

Discover O - A Minimalist Game app for Apple iOS and Android is a cool puzzle game that requires lightning fast mental acuity and skillful motor function. Swipe a colored dot into the matching quadrant of an orbiting circle and try to best your last score. This one has a heavy replay value and addictive mechanics that’ll leave you twitching for more. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Discover O - A Minimalist Game app displays in portrait to reveal a colored dot, nestled within the center of an orbiting circle that's comprised of differently colored quadrants. Your objective, is to swipe your little colored dot into the matching quadrant of the containing circle, and repeat as many times as you can before ultimately screwing up and biting it. The mechanics of play are deceptively simple and heavy on replay value. Just keep swiping and sliding as fast as you can to make as many matches as possible. Oh, and to make things trickier, your little colored circle gets smaller and smaller, until it ultimately disappears, thus ending the game. Speed and imperative are definitely part of the mechanics here, and you only have a limited amount of time to make each match. The play gets faster and faster as you go along, so failure is eminent.

The controls use cutting edge directional screen swipes to make the magic happen, and all was copacetic, so there’s no blaming that when you suck at this game. The graphics feature jaw dropping visuals, like a lone dot with alternating hues, contained within a circle comprised of 4 differently colored quadrants - do I hear any oohs and ahhs out there? The animation is actually lively and energetic, adding to the addictive quality of play. The sounds feature basic punctuation and added some mild entertainment value without being tediously repetitious and annoying.

Discover O - A Minimalist Game app for Apple iOS and Android is a quality replay game that’s sure to entertain for a little while at least. The mechanics are fast paced and addictive, and the play is challenging; perfect for those tedious moments waiting in line, or in a doctor’s waiting room, without being so enthralling that you lose track of where you are. Enjoy!


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