Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ZigZag - App Review

ZigZag app for Apple iOS and Android is a modestly entertaining maze game. Just guide your pixel ball through a zigzaggy maze to go as far as you can without going splat. This one is fun in short bursts. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

ZigZag presents in portrait mode to reveal a colorful maze that zigzags through time and space. Your mission, is to guide your little pixel ball through this precarious maze, and try to stay away from the edges, lest you drop off the sides. Just go as far as you can for as long as you can before invariably screwing up. Pink gemstones are populated throughout the maze, and if you’re gutsy enough to try, you can collect them to up your score, though you will also increase your risk of screwing up tenfold. Sections of the maze you have successfully traversed drop away and disappear behind you, so there’s no stopping or going back; just keep plowing forward and try to beat your last score. My personal best was 256 and I was only able to do that once, while sitting in a doctor’s exam room, bored outta my mind.
The controls use left and right screen taps to make your ball zigzag down the path of movement, and all functioned as expected. The graphics feature brightly colored backdrops and roadways that change automatically while you play. I liked the changing hues because it kept things interesting and was a visual clue as to how well I was doing; if the colors don’t change much, you probably suck. The animation doesn’t have much to render, but does so rather smoothly, though there is a persistent glitch that sends you toppling off the roadway due to an optical illusion on the right angles that makes it look like you’re on track, when you apparently aren’t; kinda sucks and detracts from the play. The sounds are minimal, rightly placing focus on the task at hand.

ZigZag app for Apple iOS and Android is decent fun in short bursts. I recommend playing it when you’re bored outta your mind, because it’ll seem the most entertaining in those moments. I gotta go back to the doctor next month, so I’ll see if I can beat my best score while he leaves me waiting; damn jerk.


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