Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Vimo - Video + Motion Sticker - App Review

Vimo - Video + Motion Sticker app for Apple iOS is a video decorating app that’s got its sights set on your funny bone. Add goofy stickers and animations to any video clip, then save and share in the usual ways. This one offers loads of fun and giggles, and remains easy to use by anyone, regardless of technological knowhow. (continued)

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Vimo - Video + Motion Sticker presents in portrait mode to reveal a very iconic start screen, featuring a hand drawn fishy graphic, along with 4 icons, one on each edge of your screen. The icons include Album, which opens your camera roll, Camera, opens your video recorder, My Works, is where all your creations are stores, and Store, which is where you’ll buy all the additional content. Right off the top, I can tell you there’s a lot to see and do here for free, however, each video you create is limited to 2 stickers, so you’ll probably be visiting that store for some upgrades, right quick.
To make the magic happen, just open your video camera from within the app and shoot a new video you’d like to decorate. Alternatively, you can just use an existing video from your library. From there, it’s time to decorate and add some hilarity to your videos. Just tap the + icon to browse the gallery of graphics offered. There’s a lot to choose from, and most all of them feature movement to liven up your videos. Just tap the one you want and it drops into the video automatically. Then all you gotta do is resize it, and place it on the exact moment in the timeline where you want the graphic to appear. You can easily add motion tracking so the graphic will follow any subject in movement, though working with stationary subjects will certainly be easier. Once you’re happy with your decorations, just save and render the final clip, which will include your added graphics and stickers. From there, you can share your masterpiece in the usual ways.

Vimo - Video + Motion Sticker app for Apple iOS is a cool and fun app. It functions relatively quickly and is a pleasure to use. This one is certainly good for a laugh.
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