Friday, April 3, 2015

Total Destruction - App Review

Total Destruction app for Apple iOS and Android is a harmless and simple game about blowing stuff up. Place bombs at strategic weak points to bring down skeletal structures of unfinished buildings. This one is decent fun and quenches that primal need in all of us to just break something from time to time. (continued)

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Total Destruction presents in landscape mode to deliver some cartoonishly good fun. As the story goes, there’s some unfinished structures that need to be demolished, and you’re the lucky sap that gets to make stuff go boom. Your mission, is to place explosives at strategic points along the structure to assure the most damage. There’s a dotted line passing through each scene, and you gotta make sure all the rubble sinks below that mark to win each round. The play sorta takes the best part of Angry Birds, the destruction, and makes it a game unto itself. The play is rather simplistic and mindless, but then, most great games are. There’s something primitive and satisfying about the mechanics here, yet the game remains free of any real violence. This is just all good clean fun, suitable for gamers of all ages.
The controls use screen slides to place your explosives, and basic touch commands to make selections; all functioned as expected. The graphics go for a Saturday morning cartoon sorta look and feel that effectively removes any violent realism. The visuals are actually comical and inviting, with some goofy characters that join you along the way. The animation has some cool physics to render and does a great job of it. The structures are generally demolished in sections, so you can see and enjoy everything crumble into a pile of rubble in all its glory. The sounds offer the perfect complement to the action on screen without being jarring or grating on the nerves.

Total Destruction app for Apple iOS and Android is just good clean fun. This one will certainly hold your interest and entertain, though I question how captivating it will remain over time.



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