Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiltagon - App Review

Tiltagon app for Apple iOS and Android is a zippy, trippy good ol' time, featuring a pixel ball balancing act atop hexagons gone wild. Tilt and move your mobile gizmo every which way and try to keep that pixel ball a-rollin' across a topsy-turvy maze with Timothy Leary, acid trip sorta graphics. If all that sounds like fun, then this game is for you. (continued)

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Tiltagon app is a accelerometer based maze game of the replay variety, as seen from an aerial point of view, looking directly down on the action below. As the story goes, a lone little pixel ball is perched atop a wobbly hexagon maze and must traverse perilous drops, spinning arms and an array of booby traps to chase down a pixel square and keep on going and going until you can't go no more. You have a limited amount of time to make your way over the wobbly terrain and run over that pixel square, lest the floor drop out from under you and it's game over. Each time your ball collides with the roving square, it disappears and teleports itself to the next adjacent hexagon, and you gotta hunt it down all over again, all within a set time limit. Starting to get the picture?  Just keep going and try to best your last score, or rip out a few follicles to vent some frustration.

The graphics are of the trippy, psychedelic variety, featuring alternating hues and colors, oozing vibrancy and dripping saturation. The animation is lively and energetic, successfully delivering urgency and imperative, along with clean renders for good measure. The sounds feature an annoying score that's the stuff mute buttons are made of, along with appropriate punctuation to the play which is actually effective, if not for the crap score. The controls are pristine perfect; just hold your gizmo flat and parallel to the floor and tilt away. The illusion and accuracy are both spot on and make this one shine; by far the best element of the play here.

Tiltagon app for Apple iOS and Android is challenging, fun and maddeningly delicious. The enjoyment factor may well be directly relative to your current sobriety, however, this one remains fun for puzzle fans of all ages. Great party style app, but also perfect for solo moments of play when you've got a few precious life moments to burn.

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