Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SwapQuest - App Review

SwapQuest app for Apple iOS offers an interesting twist on tried and true RPG play. Embark on an epic adventure to rid the kingdom of evil while traversing a sliding puzzle terrain that you create on the fly. This one requires strategy, logic and patience to conquer and is indeed entertaining and original.  (continued)

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SwapQuest app presents in portrait mode to deliver a quality retro game of fantasy and intrigue; as if there's any other kind of epic quest than that. As the story goes, the kingdom of Aventana is under siege from a mythic evil only you can conquer, as is usually the case for games like this. Just choose your hero, either Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma, so little boys and girls of all ages can play this one, and maybe even some little boys who identify as a princess, or little girls who dream of really being a dashing prince. Point being, whatever your disposition, this one’s got you covered. 

There's several modes of play, from easy to expert, and endless to adventure. As the story goes, the evil Horde used to rule these lands until a mighty hero wielding a magical sword entrapped all the spirits within its magical crystal. The story is the stuff of legend in the kingdom of Aventana, no one knows if any of it is actually true. Don't you hate it when that happens? Anyhoo, the time has come to find out if this magical sword actually exists, so it can be used once again to rid these lands of the evil Horde. *Whew* Okay, so now you're up to speed on what's what, now for the good part.

The play is presented from an aerial point of view looking down on the action below. The gaming environment is comprised of square tiles that are all jumbled and mixed up. Your mission, is to touch and move tiles so as to create a path of travel through this vertically moving puzzle environment. There's straightaways, left and right bends, T intersections, and a few dead ends for good measure. Just touch and move the puzzle pieces needed to get your hero from point A to B. You'll encounter enemies along the way to combat and avoid, treasure chests to open, and a few magical items that might just come in handy. Your hero walks automatically, so all you gotta do is keep placing those puzzle pieces so he's got somewhere to go. Keep moving upward through this realm to unlock all its secrets, find that mythic sword and defeat all the Horde.  Well, that outta be easy, right?

The controls use screen taps and slides to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic. The graphics stick close to their retro inspired roots, delivering just enough pixels to feel authentic, yet retain some quality details. The animation is crude and choppy by design, but did possess some modest flash and pop to render. The sounds feature retro inspired MIDI music that's only entertaining for so long before it inspires use of that glorious mute button.

SwapQuest app for Apple iOS is a quality RPG puzzle hybrid that's truly entertaining. This one is a gamer's game and suitable for anyone old enough to embark on a mythic quest, yet still make it back in time for dinner. 



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