Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stickman Rush - App Review

Stickman Rush app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple action endless driver game where all you gotta do is not go boom. Disclaimer: You will go boom often. This one is mildly addictive and visually entertaining for replay fans of all ages. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Stickman Rush app is a deceptively simple game of drive your goofy rocket car on a busy thoroughfare and try not to run into anything. Naturally, running into things is what you'll do best here. You are traversing a 3 laned highway I've dubbed Pixel Street.  No, Oscar the Grouch does not live in a trash can, nor are there any fluffy yellow birds, but there is a lot of traffic, and you're the poor sap who's gotta drive it, safely.

Rather than the traditional straight on view of the path to be traveled, this one places you at a 45 degree angle to the roadway. And this seemingly innocuous change is all it took to throw my whole gaming sensibility slightly askew. You see, changing lanes becomes just a little bit trickier for some stupid reason, probably because the controls are a little askew too.

So to make the magic happen, all you gotta do is change lanes, avoid obstacles and try not to hit the president's limo, or perhaps it was a hearse -- er -- whatever the case, when all else fails, refer to rule #1 - never go boom.  Just keep going as far as you can, and try not to get distracted by the funny stuff happening on the roadway and roadside, lest you go boom again. Starting to get the picture?

The controls use those ever elusive screen swipes to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic. I found some control variants in the setting menu, and it would behoove you to check them out because the alternate versions work better than the default. The graphics very much go for cartoonish and comical imagery, with lots of goofy cars to avoid and some truly funny sideline action. The animation is crude by design but suits the play nicely. The sounds are lively and energetic, but also repetitious and borderline annoying the more you play. So, in other words, the mute button is your friend here.

Stickman Rush app for Apple iOS and Android isn't all that memorable, and it certainly won't stand the test of time. However, as a momentary piece of disposable entertainment, this one delivers the goods. So have fun with it, until you don't. Try it, toss it, then move on to the next; such is the way of replay gaming.



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