Thursday, April 2, 2015

SpyCube - App Review

SpyCube app for Apple iOS and Android is an entertaining replay puzzle game, with a sneaky spy twist. Sneak your stealthy pixel hero through a series of mazes undetected. This one requires trial and error, with a heavy replay value. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

SpyCube presents in landscape mode to deliver a blocky puzzle environment with a stealthy spy theme. Your mission, is to summon all the sneakiness you can muster and traverse a collection of mazes to make it to the end of each one without getting caught. Each maze is populated with an array of security cameras, motion lasers, action levers and moving platforms – and that’s just the easy part. Naturally, things get trickier as you go along, so you gotta be patient, strategize your best move, then wait for your window of opportunity and make the magic happen. This one is highly immersive and engaging, despite the deceptively simple look.
The controls use a d-pad on the lower left for movement, and the accuracy was lacking a tad. It doesn’t help matters that the presentation as a whole is rather small, making this one all the more challenging to play on smaller screens. I suggest playing with a tablet if you’ve got one, rather than your phone. The graphics and animation go for a solidly retro look that’s heavy on the pixels. I loved all the details, with the panning security cams and the motion lasers, which really added to the illusion of imperative. The sounds feature an energetic score that was counterintuitive to the sneaky premise, but hey, that’s what mute buttons are for.

SpyCube app for Apple iOS and Android is good fun for puzzle fans of all ages and skill levels. Yup, it’s got a few flaws but remains entertaining and wholly playable.



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