Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spherik - App Review

Spherik app for Apple iOS is a deceptively simple replay game with one finger controls. Bounce a pixel ball through a series of 6 orbiting layers that get smaller and smaller, while spinning you right round baby, right round, like a record baby, round round, round round. Make it to the center point as many times as you can before biting it. Disclaimer: you will bite it often. (continued)

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Spherik app is a game with a mission, and a simple one at that. The app presents in portrait mode and does not display as well on iPad as it does on iPhone, but remains wholly playable on both. As the story goes, there’s a circular puzzle front and center, with 5 additional layers contained within, each smaller than the next and nestled within each other, all comfy cozy. Each layer orbits independently, moving in alternating directions. But wait, there’s more! Each layer is populated with pixel balls that move a different speeds. Your mission, is to leap your lone pixel ball through the gauntlet of alternating orbits to reach the center space as many times as you can without touching any of the other pixel balls along the way. Still not convinced? Ok, here’s one last tidbit for ya: you can’t hesitate too long or it’s game over, so look sharp, act fast and move your little pixel ass already, cuz time is a-waistin’.
The controls use a lone screen tap to bring on the thunder, and if you think bouncing a lone pixel ball is riveting, then this is the stuff adrenaline was made for. The graphics feature orbiting white balls on a pale blue backdrop, and all the alternating orbits was sorta mesmeric, if only you had the time to admire the beauty. The animation has some cool burst effects to render whenever you make it to the center of the puzzle, so consider that your reward for a job well done. The sounds are of the silent, nonexistent variety, so if playing in silence is your bag, then this one’s got you covered.

Spherik app for Apple iOS is a replay game, through and through. Nope, it’s not very memorable. Yup, it’s fun when you’re bored, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or perhaps a tad sloshed and ready to giggle at anything. However you come to it, enjoy.



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