Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sometimes You Die - App Review

Sometimes You Die app for Apple iOS is an unusual puzzle game with ASSCI sorta graphics and imagery that up the intrigue. Guide your little pixel arrow through a series of perilous single screen mazes to win each round. This one is highly addictive and just downright weird at times. (continued)

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Sometimes You Die app for Apple iOS presents in landscape mode to deliver a puzzle game laden with intrigue and ASSCI text. As the story goes, you’re a little pixel arrow that finds itself inside a dramatically lit, single screen puzzle. There’s perilous drops, chasms to leap, spinning spiky wheels floating about and jaggies to avoid. Your objective, naturally, is to traverse from one end of the maze to the other, all without going splat. BTW – you will go splat often. This one relies heavily on trial and error to win each round, and all mazes are connected via unifying pathways that give the illusion of an endless series of mazes. Just keep at it, learning from trial and error until you win each round. There’s a lot to see and play here, so this one should keep you busy a good while.
The controls use left and right directional arrows for lateral movement and a lone jump button on the lower right; all functioned nicely. The graphics feature dramatic lighting, literally emitting from a lone lightbulb dangling from a cord in the ceiling. I thought it was cool that you could actually run into the lightbulb, which sent it swinging and even changed the lighting effects in the room to match the bulb’s movement. The visuals also include ASSCI text on the back wall of each maze, purposely meant to trip up your play as you wonder what it all means. The animation is surprisingly clean for a retro sorta pixel game; very smooth and refined. The physics here are outstanding. I was particularly fond of how some levels require you to sacrifice your little pixel arrow, then respawn to climb over the dead carcasses offered up to the gaming gods and safely complete the round. The sounds, sadly, are the one thorn in the side of an otherwise pristine game; it’s the stuff mute buttons were made for.

Sometimes You Die app for Apple iOS is intriguing, entertaining and addictive. This one features some cool puzzles while remaining accessible and playable for gamers of all ages and skill levels.



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