Monday, April 20, 2015

Smash Monsters - City Rampage - App Review

Smash Monsters – City Rampage app for Apple iOS is a super cool combat game with mild puzzling elements to up the ante. This one takes the age old childhood comic book debate of "who’d beat who" in a head to head matchup, and rolls it all together into one, action packed, entertaining game of mass destruction. This one stars all your favorite mythic beasts and is sure to enthrall little boys of all ages; oh okay, and some little girls too. (continued)

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 Smash Monsters – City Rampage app displays in portrait to reveal a 3x3 city grid, populated with futuristic looking skyscrapers. The visuals are very much cartoonish and look like a comic book come to life. As the story goes, every mythic monster you can imagine, and a few you’ve never seen before, have all teamed up to create a Justice League of sorts, whose singular mission, is to wreak havoc and deliver madness, mayhem and destruction to these puny and feeble civilizations. There’s Godzilla, King Kong, a hulking Cyclops and a Wolfman on steroids, for good measure. You attack cities in teams of 3 and select your squad before each round. You can also earn additional monsters along the way and mutate your own just in case these aren’t menacing enough for you.

The play involves slashing and crashing the city skyline in horizontal and vertical attacks. Your objective, as if that’s not obvious, is to destroy all structures and towers on the 3x3 grid, leaving nothing but smoldering rubble in your wake. To do that, just select the monster you’d like to use, swipe across a row of buildings you want to demolish, then sit back and revel in your monstrosities’ power and might. Strategy and logic come into play because you can trigger some cool chain reactions and make the most out of your destructive abilities. Precision and accuracy counts in this is a turn by turn combat game, and once you give the city your licks, their mighty military takes a few swipes of their own. This is one of those games where everyone, yes even inanimate buildings, all have a health meter hovering overhead. So watch the status bar of your enemies, and plan your attacks for the best strategic outcome, and maybe keep an eye on your own health meter too, lest one of your monsters kick it and die mid-battle.

The controls use screen swipes and taps to deliver the goods and all was copacetic. The graphics are iconic and simple, yet still retain some nice details and saturation that draw you into the play. The animation has a lot of satisfying explosions to render, with spectacular bursts of pixels erupting all over your Retina display. This one feels action packed, despite adhering to typically plodding, turn by turn mechanics. The sounds feature some testosterone driven aggression that suits the play nicely and adds some appropriate punctuation in all the right places.

Smash Monsters – City Rampage app for Apple iOS has lots of levels to unlock and conquer, so this one will keep you busy a good while. Plus, there’s all those cool monsters you get to play with. This one is as fun to look at as it is to play.



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