Friday, April 10, 2015

Slashing Demons - App Review

Slashing Demons app for Apple iOS is a gruesome replay game with some modest entertainment value. Slash an endless tree made up of demonic eyes and long slobbery tongues to go as long as you can and best your last score. This one isn’t about much, but presents well to deliver a solid replay game with a unique twist. (continued)

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Slashing Demons presents in portrait mode to reveal a bent and twisted gaming environment that’s surely possessed. As the story goes, there is no story to tell. All you need to know is, your in-game avatar is a sword slinging bad ass on a mission to chop down this endless tree of demonic faces. There’s weird looking jaundiced eyes, mutated growths and extra-long slobbery tongues that appear on the left and right sides of this endless tree. Your objective, is to just slash at the base of the tree, thereby shortening it one step, causing the whole tree to get lower with each slash. As the tree gets lower and lower, those slobbery tongues get closer and closer, and if one of them manages to lick you, then it’s game over. So you gotta dodge from the left and right sides of the tree to keep on slashing while avoiding those slobbery tongues as they get lower and lower. The play is fast paced and a little frantic. If you hesitate too long without slashing, it’s game over, so look sharp, avoid the slobbery tongues and just keep slashing like a madman.
The graphics use left and right screen taps to deliver the goods, and all functioned well. Tapping either side of the screen will switch your stance to that side of the tree, while cutting off the bottom portion of this endless demon tree. The graphics are indeed gruesome and gross, so sure to be a hit with little kids and fright fans. The animation is smooth throughout, though admittedly, doesn’t have much to render. The sounds will send chills down your spine for sure.

Slashing Demons app for Apple iOS is a solid replay game. Yup, there’s several tree slashing games out there, but none quite like this. This one stands alone in an overcrowded genre to deliver some gruesome fun.



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