Sunday, April 5, 2015

Planet Quest - App Review

Planet Quest app for Apple iOS is a single action replay game with interstellar aspirations. Capture as many alien beings as you can with your disco dancing tractor beam. This one is just flat out goofy, but fun and entertaining too. (continued)

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Planet Quest presents in portrait mode to deliver a high energy, single minded replay game. As the story goes, you are a green little alien who likes to lollygag around the universe looking for planets to target. Your objective, is to capture as many planetary beings as you can within your tractor beam, presumably to perform anal probes and who knows what else. The game is intended to be comical, with tongue in cheeks sorta visuals. The proportions of your ship and the planet are sorta ridiculously out of whack, but that's just part of the goofy fun. Just orbit these weird and colorful little planets, going round and round, tapping the screen in time with the music to pulse your tractor beam like an interstellar disco light; which explains why these potential captives are happily dancing about instead of running for their lives. Capture as many planetary beings as you can, while avoiding the evil flora that really mess with you bad. The games are short, which is good, because the play may well induce vertigo.
The controls just use a lone screen tap to deliver the goods. The inventive part, is how they are unified in play with the game's soundtrack. Just keep tapping in time with the music to maximize your play; missed beats mean jolts of energy that damage your ship and make you go ouch. The graphics are vibrant and colorful beyond belief; this game is veritable eye candy. The animation has a lot to render here, with brightly vivid planets featuring smiley faces, and goofy dancing animals that are actually humans in disguise. I'm not sure what the developers were smoking when they came up with this one, but it certainly translates to some silly fun onscreen.

Planet Quest app for Apple iOS isn't going to go down in history as a classic game, however, it's solidly entertaining and just good clean fun for gamers of all ages.


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