Saturday, April 11, 2015

Machinarium - App Review

Machinarium app for Apple iOS and Android is a weird little puzzle game that looks like something straight out of Mad Magazine. Help a misfit robot solve a series of unusual puzzles to win the round and save the day. This one will certainly test your mental acuity and requires patience, logic and strategy to master. (continued)

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Machinarium presents in portrait mode to deliver a very weird looking gaming environment indeed. As the story goes, you’re helping a little robot through a series of single screen mazes, laden with hidden objects, and mechanical triggers to figure out. Some objects you find can be combined and used together, so it pays to poke around and see what’s what. Each level has pictorial hints that help point you in the right direction, along with a playbook that offers even more help, but choose wisely, because each hint can only be used once. The puzzles themselves require you to touch and poke things and figure out where the movement is, in search of that magic trigger that just makes everything else fall into place. The play is heady and will certainly tweak your noodle, however, it’s also highly entertaining too, largely thanks to the unusual presentation.
The controls use screen taps and slides to make basic menu selections and poke around your environment, and all functioned well. The graphics possess a lot of nice detailed and nuanced artistry that’s pleasing to the eye and highly unusual. The animation has some interesting triggers and movement to render, but for the most part, the mechanics remain simple and straightforward. The sounds offer minimal punctuation, rightly placing focus on the puzzle at hand.

Machinarium app for Apple iOS and Android is a cerebral game that’s sure to make you think and keep you guessing, clear through to the end. I recommend this one highly and had a lot of fun playing it.



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