Monday, April 6, 2015

Gemini Strike: Space Shooter RPG - App Review

Gemini Strike: Space Shooter RPG app for Apple iOS aims to relive some retro arcade fun and delivers in spades. Blast the crap outta everything that moves in this hyperspace shooter game. This one is a gamer's game and sure to entertain diehard enthusiasts. (continued)

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Gemini Strike: Space Shooter RPG presents in portrait mode to reveal the depths of space, with your craft as the focal point where all the action goes down. Your objective, is to blast the crap ouuta an array of alien craft that appear from above. The play is highly inspired by two of my all-time fave arcade games, Galaga and Midway 1943. Enemy craft come in waves, presenting an array of attack formations, and all you gotta do, is move your ship around the screen and blast everything before they get you first. The play is frantically fun and certainly brings back some strong memories and gaming jitters that are both satisfying and worrisome at the same time.
The controls use a single finger placed onscreen to bring on all the mayhem and destruction; I never knew one lone digit could be responsible for such mass destruction. Just slide our finger all over the screen to make your craft move and dodge enemy fire. Your blasters are set to fire automatically, so all you gotta do is aim and evade. The graphics are highly evolved, delivering quality, retro inspired visuals that invite repeat play. The animation certainly has a lot to render here, and occasionally struggles to keep up, however, there's a lot of sizzle and pop here to enjoy, so the occasional lag matters not. The sounds aren’t as in your face and abrasive as one might expect, opting to go for a more ethereal score that I found enjoyable.

Gemini Strike: Space Shooter RPG app for Apple iOS is a gamer’s game and sure to be enjoyed by any retro enthusiast. This one is loads of fun but will cost you in battery drain, however, the engaging and fun play makes it oh so worth it.



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