Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fast & Furious: Legacy - App Review

Fast & Furious: Legacy app for Apple iOS and Android is a testosterone driven car racing game that goes straight for the jugular. Yup, this one is basically just a really slick and cool commercial for a really slick and cool movie, however, the play remains engaging and fun, and stands on its own as a viable and worthy racing game. Fan of the films or not, this one is fun. (continued)

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Fast & Furious: Legacy app presents in landscape mode to reveal a dramatically lit, metropolitan environment. There’s slick cars with candy coated paint jobs, shiny wet pavement that glistens in the city lights and enough testosterone to make you test positive for steroids. The game features a modestly entertaining story that walks you through some plot points taken right out of this popular movie franchise. Some of your favorite film characters make appearances here, creating some decent glue to hold all the different gaming elements together. Essentially, this is just an endless runner style game, only we’re driving really cool CGI cars that most of us can never afford to drive in real life. The good news is, the insurance premiums are reasonable.

The play involves head to head drag racing through the city streets of Los Angeles, Miami and Tokyo, just to name a few. There’s a lot to unlock and try here, so this one will keep you busy a good while. There’s also some good cop chasing sequences, where you gotta outrun the boys in blue, and smash a few squad cars along the way while you’re at it, all without doing pesky jail time and adding reams of paper to your rap sheet. Just go hard, go fast, or go home with your tail between your legs. This one is ideal for racing and “Fast” franchise fans of all ages.

The controls use screen taps to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic. The graphics are rich with outstanding details and dripping with saturation and subtlety. The animation is outstandingly entertaining, offering excellent illusions of speed, aggression and heart thumping stunts. This one goes for broke, then takes out a hefty loan just so it can double down on the visual overload.  The sounds feature enough aggression and testosterone to make the most humble of beings turn into a speed freak adrenaline junky.

Fast & Furious: Legacy app for Apple iOS and Android is loads of good, clean fun. Okay, so outrunning the cops isn’t exactly wholesome, but as a need for speed, go for broke sorta racing game, this one checks off all the right boxes and delivers the goods. It’s fun, fast, frantic and fabulous. Enjoy.  



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