Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dark Echo - App Review

Dark Echo app for Apple iOS and Android is an intriguing puzzle game with an interesting twist. Use rebounding sound waves to identify the floor plan of a pitch black room, then navigate toward the exit and escape with your virtual life. This one is a tad unnerving and highly original. (continued)

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Dark Echo app presents in landscape mode, but you can turn this one any which way you want, cuz either way, all you’re gonna see is a pitch black screen with a pair of footprints smack dab in the center. Nope, these footprints are not barefoot, but rather, appear to be wearing men’s leather shoes. The scene is depicted from an aerial point of view, looking directly down on the action below. Your mission, is to feel around in the dark and bump your way to the exit, wherever the heck that is. Good news is, you have the ability to see sound, and all you gotta do is tap your heel onto the floor to create sound waves that bounce and rebound through the environment, momentarily defining the perimeter and floor plan of this darkened room. Short taps create short sound waves, and a long press and hold produces a large burst of sound waves that light up more area.  Just watch how the sound waves bounce and move to get the lay of the land, then move toward that exit.

Naturally, things get trickier along the way, and soon you’ll see red sound waves in certain sectors of this darkened room. My advice, is to avoid them, lest you find your untimely death. But look sharp, cuz some of these red meanies actually chase you, so run for it, and find that exit fast. Each level ends when you successfully find the exit and escape the round. The play is intriguing, exciting and wholly original. This one is ideal for puzzle fans and modest fright fans alike.

The controls use taps, presses and short slides to deliver the goods, and all functioned well. The graphics feature just those lone foot prints engulfed by the dark, and the trail of foot prints denoting your path of travel was a nice touch. The animation seemingly doesn’t have much to render here, however, it does a nice job delivering as much flash and pop as is possible with a game like this. The visuals are minimalist, but effectively deliver angst and imperative. The sounds are not actually as critical to the game as it first appears, relying more on visual feedback than auditory. However, the sounds do add some much needed punctuation to the play.  

Dark Echo app for Apple iOS and Android is as intriguing to look at as it is to play. This one is indeed exciting and fun and is sure to be a hit with puzzle and fright fans.



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