Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Corridor Z - App Review

Corridor Z app for Apple iOS and Android offers a hellish high school experience like no other. Think you had it tough trying to fit into the right click and be one of the cool kids? Well, how about trying to outrun them same cool kids after they’ve been turned into ravenous, brain devouring zombies. Yup, this is one of them feel-good sorta games that gets you all warm and fuzzy inside, that is, when it’s not making you crap your pants in outright fear. This one delivers some genuine frights and spine chilling good fun. (continued)

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Corridor Z displays in portrait to reveal an apocalyptic sorta high school experience. As the story goes, your entire school has been turned into throngs of mindless zombies out for blood; your blood. The police and National Guard are all outside, trembling in their boots and afraid to come in and rescue you, so the whole place is on lockdown and it’s up to you to fend for yourselves. There’s only 3 survivors; a jock, a cheerleader and a useless soldier whose fresh outta courage. Your mission, is to take turns running each of these hapless survivors and try to make it to the school’s exit and escape to safety.

Disclaimer: this school is like the Hotel California, and there ain’t nobody gonna make it outta here alive, but you can have some fun, and die a grisly and gruesome death trying; and real gamers wouldn’t have it any other way. (continued)   

The game is essentially an endless runner, seen from the ominous point of view just ahead of your runner, looking back at the chasing zombies in hot pursuit. The view of the action is truly unnerving because you can see that throng of ravenous brain eaters as they get closer and closer to your hapless victim – er – I mean runner. Sure, let’s pretend there’s at least some hope of escape, when we all know what’s really gonna happen to this poor running sap, sooner or later.  The innovation here, is you’re swiping left, right and above to grab debris and objects and topple it onto the floor behind you as an obstruction to slow down those relentless chasing zombies. Yup, you’ll have to navigate some hairpin turns too, and there’s an occasional weapon to pick up off the ground and use while running full tilt, not that they’ll do you much good. The play is action packed and never gives you a chance to breathe, well, except for those blood curdling dying gasps as you flail and scream and are eaten alive. Like I said, this is a feel-good sorta optimistic game, and if you believe that, then I got some snake oil here with your name on it and I’ll sell it to ya for your lunch money.

The controls use directional swipes to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic. The graphics feature dramatic lighting which only makes them ravenous zombies look all the more terrifying. The animation is clean for the most part, but does feel a tad slow and laggy too. The most unnerving sequences by far, were when the zombies finally get you in their deformed, mutant clutches and tear you apart, limb from limb. The sounds truly added to the enjoyment of play and made my hair stand on end.

Corridor Z app for Apple iOS and Android is truly a frightening and unnerving little runner game. It delivers some genuine frights and is good fun. Just don’t play it before bed; consider yourself warned.



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