Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Boom Dots - App Review

Boom Dots app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple replay game that’s actually playable and addictive, which is saying a lot for this genre. Launch small dots vertically into a large, horizontally moving dot to make them both go boom. Yup, it ain’t called Boom Dots for nothing. Keep launching and booming and go as long as you can to best your last score. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Boom Dots app displays in portrait to reveal a single screen action shooter game. There’s a small dot at the bottom of your screen, and a large one that swings and moves laterally across the center of your screen. The top and bottom edges are populated with jaggy spikes, and your mission, is to launch your little dot vertically upward and try to make impact with the large dot, making them both go boom with spectacular bursts of pixels and modest colors. If you miss the mark, then your little dot goes boom on the jaggies above, thus ending the game.  Your objective, is to make as many big dots go boom as you can before ultimately messing up and hitting those jaggies above. Ok, so it’s not rocket science, but it’s wholly playable and oddly addictive.

The controls use a cutting edge lone screen tap to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic in that department. The graphics feature jaw dropping visuals, like, dots… and more dots… and jaggies… and that’s about it; like I said, the sorta stuff you wanna write home about. The animation is simple yet effective, delivering some truly entertaining booms and pixel bursts when those dots collide and go splat everywhere on your screen. The sounds are as cutting edge as the rest of this game, featuring bongs, swooshes, and ga-boingy boings to round out the soundscape and keep things interesting.

Boom Dots isn’t going to entertain you for hours, nor maybe even minutes. However, it is totally addictive, thanks to the quality mechanics and physics. This one delivers all the goods expected of a simple replay game and indeed had me hitting that replay button, fast and furious. This one is ideal for short bursts of play whenever you got a couple minutes, or even just a few seconds to burn.



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