Friday, April 3, 2015

Bike Baron - App Review

Bike Baron app for Apple iOS comes from my old but not forgotten list of apps that are still worth playing. Ride a motocross bike through a series of goofball obstacle courses to pull off some rad stunts, all without that pesky trip to the ER. This one is action packed and loads of fun for virtual speed demons of all ages.  (continued)

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Bike Baron app presents in landscape mode to reveal a side scrolling stunt racer. There's a bearded hipster looking dude riding this hog bareback, and he's got grit in his teeth and Calvin Klien's in his drawers. This one has lots of different tracks to unlock and try, so if you’re a glutton for virtual punishment, then this app’s got your number. The objective, as if that weren’t obvious, is to traverse this side scrolling obstacle course and go as far as you can before going splat. Legal Disclaimer: you will go splat often, and like it. So just punch that throttle and let’er rip. There’s loop-de-loops, perilous plunges, dangerous drops, precarious precipices, exciting explosions, goofy giggles and more stuff than I can rhyme or play matchy-matchy with. This one is just balls to the wall, or rather, stuck to the leather seat, skid marks in your underwear sorta fun. 

The physics are outstanding and created a nice illusion of speed, weight and bone crunching gravity. The controls are of the two digit variety, so pick your two favorite little piggies and let them go wee-wee-wee all the way to the finish line. The graphics feature 3D sorta juicy goodness with nice colors and quality details that draw you into the play. The animation features some satisfying explosions, general mayhem and ridiculous renders that are spectacularly entertaining. The sounds feature testosterone induced engine revs, nature ambiance and some hipster grunts for good measure.

Bike Baron app for Apple iOS is great fun. This is one of those games where biting it hard just adds to the overall joyful glee. If you’re a fan of goofy racing games, this one is still worth checking out, even though it’s over the hill at just a few years old. If apps age exponentially compared to dog years, then this one is already a crotchety old man, but it still delivers the goods.



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