REVIEW: Corridor Z

High School clicks take a zombie twist for the worst in this intense action runner.

REVIEW: Silly Sausage

Guide a stretchy doggy through a series of side scrolling mazes in this goofy retro game.

REVIEW: Fast and Furious Legacy

A super cool drag racing game inspired by this hugely popular movie franchise.

REVIEW: Star Wars Rebels Recon Missions

A side scrolling shooter with outstanding graphics, a decent plot and killer action.

REVIEW: Card Crawl

Cool RPG card play that's original, engaging and fun.

REVIEW: Agent Alice

A CSI sorta hidden objects game with a great plot and some fun twists.

REVIEW: Stair: Slide Blocks to Ascend

An innovative replay game with endless climbing and colorful moving steps.

REVIEW: Criminel

An old school CSI crime drama with search and discovery elements and a murder mystery plot.


A 'need for speed' futiristic racing game with outstanding graphics and intense action.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiltagon - App Review

Tiltagon app for Apple iOS and Android is a zippy, trippy good ol' time, featuring a pixel ball balancing act atop hexagons gone wild. Tilt and move your mobile gizmo every which way and try to keep that pixel ball a-rollin' across a topsy-turvy maze with Timothy Leary, acid trip sorta graphics. If all that sounds like fun, then this game is for you. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Tiltagon app is a accelerometer based maze game of the replay variety, as seen from an aerial point of view, looking directly down on the action below. As the story goes, a lone little pixel ball is perched atop a wobbly hexagon maze and must traverse perilous drops, spinning arms and an array of booby traps to chase down a pixel square and keep on going and going until you can't go no more. You have a limited amount of time to make your way over the wobbly terrain and run over that pixel square, lest the floor drop out from under you and it's game over. Each time your ball collides with the roving square, it disappears and teleports itself to the next adjacent hexagon, and you gotta hunt it down all over again, all within a set time limit. Starting to get the picture?  Just keep going and try to best your last score, or rip out a few follicles to vent some frustration.

The graphics are of the trippy, psychedelic variety, featuring alternating hues and colors, oozing vibrancy and dripping saturation. The animation is lively and energetic, successfully delivering urgency and imperative, along with clean renders for good measure. The sounds feature an annoying score that's the stuff mute buttons are made of, along with appropriate punctuation to the play which is actually effective, if not for the crap score. The controls are pristine perfect; just hold your gizmo flat and parallel to the floor and tilt away. The illusion and accuracy are both spot on and make this one shine; by far the best element of the play here.

Tiltagon app for Apple iOS and Android is challenging, fun and maddeningly delicious. The enjoyment factor may well be directly relative to your current sobriety, however, this one remains fun for puzzle fans of all ages. Great party style app, but also perfect for solo moments of play when you've got a few precious life moments to burn.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Smash Monsters - City Rampage - App Review

Smash Monsters – City Rampage app for Apple iOS is a super cool combat game with mild puzzling elements to up the ante. This one takes the age old childhood comic book debate of "who’d beat who" in a head to head matchup, and rolls it all together into one, action packed, entertaining game of mass destruction. This one stars all your favorite mythic beasts and is sure to enthrall little boys of all ages; oh okay, and some little girls too. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

 Smash Monsters – City Rampage app displays in portrait to reveal a 3x3 city grid, populated with futuristic looking skyscrapers. The visuals are very much cartoonish and look like a comic book come to life. As the story goes, every mythic monster you can imagine, and a few you’ve never seen before, have all teamed up to create a Justice League of sorts, whose singular mission, is to wreak havoc and deliver madness, mayhem and destruction to these puny and feeble civilizations. There’s Godzilla, King Kong, a hulking Cyclops and a Wolfman on steroids, for good measure. You attack cities in teams of 3 and select your squad before each round. You can also earn additional monsters along the way and mutate your own just in case these aren’t menacing enough for you.

The play involves slashing and crashing the city skyline in horizontal and vertical attacks. Your objective, as if that’s not obvious, is to destroy all structures and towers on the 3x3 grid, leaving nothing but smoldering rubble in your wake. To do that, just select the monster you’d like to use, swipe across a row of buildings you want to demolish, then sit back and revel in your monstrosities’ power and might. Strategy and logic come into play because you can trigger some cool chain reactions and make the most out of your destructive abilities. Precision and accuracy counts in this is a turn by turn combat game, and once you give the city your licks, their mighty military takes a few swipes of their own. This is one of those games where everyone, yes even inanimate buildings, all have a health meter hovering overhead. So watch the status bar of your enemies, and plan your attacks for the best strategic outcome, and maybe keep an eye on your own health meter too, lest one of your monsters kick it and die mid-battle.

The controls use screen swipes and taps to deliver the goods and all was copacetic. The graphics are iconic and simple, yet still retain some nice details and saturation that draw you into the play. The animation has a lot of satisfying explosions to render, with spectacular bursts of pixels erupting all over your Retina display. This one feels action packed, despite adhering to typically plodding, turn by turn mechanics. The sounds feature some testosterone driven aggression that suits the play nicely and adds some appropriate punctuation in all the right places.

Smash Monsters – City Rampage app for Apple iOS has lots of levels to unlock and conquer, so this one will keep you busy a good while. Plus, there’s all those cool monsters you get to play with. This one is as fun to look at as it is to play.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nitro Nation Stories - App Review

Nitro Nations Stories app for Android is a cool drag racing game with high quality graphics, decent action and a stilted plot. Think Fast and Furious Legacy, but not quite as slick. This one’s good fun if you're willing to invest the time or kick in some real money to help speed things along. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Nitro Nations Stories aims to be a balls to the wall, go for broke sorta drag racing game. It checks off all the right boxes and hits all the bullet points, but still comes off a tad sluggish and unrefined. I suspect that’s by design and aimed at encouraging you to visit the garage and earn some upgrades or outright pay for them. I think that tact is fine and dandy, but not at the expense of sacrificing quality play. We all know that a 100k sports car is gonna handle better than a 15k hatchback, but that doesn’t mean the wee-weedoo hatchback shouldn’t scream like a banshee and make me feel some G’s. It also makes for a better bait and hook to give your players a taste of what your game can really do up front, so in short, I’m giving this one the benefit of the doubt that the handling, precision controls and the illusion of speed all get better as the game goes along and upgrades are accumulated.

The play itself follows a loose plot that’s often peppered with stilted dialog that will make anyone with the maturity of an adult cringe. It all goes for a very underworld, anti-establishment, down on “the man” sorta attitude. The Fast franchise plays the same tact, but with expert Hollywood writing that at least makes it all come off very slick and chic. The good news is, the plot means nothing to the game really, so long as you don’t mind delivering the odd package without asking any questions, capiche?

The meat and potatoes of the play, the drag racing, is lively and energetic overall, but again, feels a tad held back. The controls use directional arrows for left and right lane changes, and a virtual gas pedal on the lower right; both felt a tad spongy. The gas petal is replaced by a gearshift icon once the race gets rolling, and all you gotta worry about is shifting and steering. Watch the horizontal RPM meter along the bottom of your screen and hit the shift icon at the precise moment for optimal acceleration. It’s hard to get the revs just right for a perfect launch at the start because the RPM needle flops like a flailing fish, but I got lucky a couple times and hit a couple perfect starts. Scoring perfect shifts while racing is challenging but doable. The funnest part of the racing, was the combative style against your opponent; side swipes and bumper kisses are encouraged.

The graphics feature a hybrid of CGI realism and iconic pop art that’s pleasing to the eye, and at times, stunning. The biggest flaw in the visuals is the high noon style lighting which is the most unforgiving and shows all flaws.  Fast & Furious and CSR Racing both take place at night, where you can create the illusion of pristine graphics much easier, along with eye catching wet asphalt that reflects the light, and lens flares that twinkle off candy coated paint jobs. The visuals here are great, just not as good as the other two apps. The animation is top notch, rendering the illusion of speed well, despite the sluggish controls. The sounds go for a mix of realism and a Gen-X score that’s catching without grating on the nerves over time. Make no mistake, the demographic here is young.

Nitro Nation Stories app for Android is top notch but still has room for improvement. It’s all nitpicky stuff at this point, but if you wanna compete with the greats, then those battles are won and lost in the details. My best advice with games like this, is pick one you like and stick with it. That way you sink your time, and possibly some money, into developing one game and dominating the field, rather than spreading yourself thin and sucking at most everything.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Boom Dots - App Review

Boom Dots app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple replay game that’s actually playable and addictive, which is saying a lot for this genre. Launch small dots vertically into a large, horizontally moving dot to make them both go boom. Yup, it ain’t called Boom Dots for nothing. Keep launching and booming and go as long as you can to best your last score. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Boom Dots app displays in portrait to reveal a single screen action shooter game. There’s a small dot at the bottom of your screen, and a large one that swings and moves laterally across the center of your screen. The top and bottom edges are populated with jaggy spikes, and your mission, is to launch your little dot vertically upward and try to make impact with the large dot, making them both go boom with spectacular bursts of pixels and modest colors. If you miss the mark, then your little dot goes boom on the jaggies above, thus ending the game.  Your objective, is to make as many big dots go boom as you can before ultimately messing up and hitting those jaggies above. Ok, so it’s not rocket science, but it’s wholly playable and oddly addictive.

The controls use a cutting edge lone screen tap to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic in that department. The graphics feature jaw dropping visuals, like, dots… and more dots… and jaggies… and that’s about it; like I said, the sorta stuff you wanna write home about. The animation is simple yet effective, delivering some truly entertaining booms and pixel bursts when those dots collide and go splat everywhere on your screen. The sounds are as cutting edge as the rest of this game, featuring bongs, swooshes, and ga-boingy boings to round out the soundscape and keep things interesting.

Boom Dots isn’t going to entertain you for hours, nor maybe even minutes. However, it is totally addictive, thanks to the quality mechanics and physics. This one delivers all the goods expected of a simple replay game and indeed had me hitting that replay button, fast and furious. This one is ideal for short bursts of play whenever you got a couple minutes, or even just a few seconds to burn.


Corridor Z - App Review

Corridor Z app for Apple iOS and Android offers a hellish high school experience like no other. Think you had it tough trying to fit into the right click and be one of the cool kids? Well, how about trying to outrun them same cool kids after they’ve been turned into ravenous, brain devouring zombies. Yup, this is one of them feel-good sorta games that gets you all warm and fuzzy inside, that is, when it’s not making you crap your pants in outright fear. This one delivers some genuine frights and spine chilling good fun. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Corridor Z displays in portrait to reveal an apocalyptic sorta high school experience. As the story goes, your entire school has been turned into throngs of mindless zombies out for blood; your blood. The police and National Guard are all outside, trembling in their boots and afraid to come in and rescue you, so the whole place is on lockdown and it’s up to you to fend for yourselves. There’s only 3 survivors; a jock, a cheerleader and a useless soldier whose fresh outta courage. Your mission, is to take turns running each of these hapless survivors and try to make it to the school’s exit and escape to safety.

Disclaimer: this school is like the Hotel California, and there ain’t nobody gonna make it outta here alive, but you can have some fun, and die a grisly and gruesome death trying; and real gamers wouldn’t have it any other way. (continued)   

The game is essentially an endless runner, seen from the ominous point of view just ahead of your runner, looking back at the chasing zombies in hot pursuit. The view of the action is truly unnerving because you can see that throng of ravenous brain eaters as they get closer and closer to your hapless victim – er – I mean runner. Sure, let’s pretend there’s at least some hope of escape, when we all know what’s really gonna happen to this poor running sap, sooner or later.  The innovation here, is you’re swiping left, right and above to grab debris and objects and topple it onto the floor behind you as an obstruction to slow down those relentless chasing zombies. Yup, you’ll have to navigate some hairpin turns too, and there’s an occasional weapon to pick up off the ground and use while running full tilt, not that they’ll do you much good. The play is action packed and never gives you a chance to breathe, well, except for those blood curdling dying gasps as you flail and scream and are eaten alive. Like I said, this is a feel-good sorta optimistic game, and if you believe that, then I got some snake oil here with your name on it and I’ll sell it to ya for your lunch money.

The controls use directional swipes to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic. The graphics feature dramatic lighting which only makes them ravenous zombies look all the more terrifying. The animation is clean for the most part, but does feel a tad slow and laggy too. The most unnerving sequences by far, were when the zombies finally get you in their deformed, mutant clutches and tear you apart, limb from limb. The sounds truly added to the enjoyment of play and made my hair stand on end.

Corridor Z app for Apple iOS and Android is truly a frightening and unnerving little runner game. It delivers some genuine frights and is good fun. Just don’t play it before bed; consider yourself warned.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Machinarium - App Review

Machinarium app for Apple iOS and Android is a weird little puzzle game that looks like something straight out of Mad Magazine. Help a misfit robot solve a series of unusual puzzles to win the round and save the day. This one will certainly test your mental acuity and requires patience, logic and strategy to master. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Machinarium presents in portrait mode to deliver a very weird looking gaming environment indeed. As the story goes, you’re helping a little robot through a series of single screen mazes, laden with hidden objects, and mechanical triggers to figure out. Some objects you find can be combined and used together, so it pays to poke around and see what’s what. Each level has pictorial hints that help point you in the right direction, along with a playbook that offers even more help, but choose wisely, because each hint can only be used once. The puzzles themselves require you to touch and poke things and figure out where the movement is, in search of that magic trigger that just makes everything else fall into place. The play is heady and will certainly tweak your noodle, however, it’s also highly entertaining too, largely thanks to the unusual presentation.
The controls use screen taps and slides to make basic menu selections and poke around your environment, and all functioned well. The graphics possess a lot of nice detailed and nuanced artistry that’s pleasing to the eye and highly unusual. The animation has some interesting triggers and movement to render, but for the most part, the mechanics remain simple and straightforward. The sounds offer minimal punctuation, rightly placing focus on the puzzle at hand.

Machinarium app for Apple iOS and Android is a cerebral game that’s sure to make you think and keep you guessing, clear through to the end. I recommend this one highly and had a lot of fun playing it.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Slashing Demons - App Review

Slashing Demons app for Apple iOS is a gruesome replay game with some modest entertainment value. Slash an endless tree made up of demonic eyes and long slobbery tongues to go as long as you can and best your last score. This one isn’t about much, but presents well to deliver a solid replay game with a unique twist. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Slashing Demons presents in portrait mode to reveal a bent and twisted gaming environment that’s surely possessed. As the story goes, there is no story to tell. All you need to know is, your in-game avatar is a sword slinging bad ass on a mission to chop down this endless tree of demonic faces. There’s weird looking jaundiced eyes, mutated growths and extra-long slobbery tongues that appear on the left and right sides of this endless tree. Your objective, is to just slash at the base of the tree, thereby shortening it one step, causing the whole tree to get lower with each slash. As the tree gets lower and lower, those slobbery tongues get closer and closer, and if one of them manages to lick you, then it’s game over. So you gotta dodge from the left and right sides of the tree to keep on slashing while avoiding those slobbery tongues as they get lower and lower. The play is fast paced and a little frantic. If you hesitate too long without slashing, it’s game over, so look sharp, avoid the slobbery tongues and just keep slashing like a madman.
The graphics use left and right screen taps to deliver the goods, and all functioned well. Tapping either side of the screen will switch your stance to that side of the tree, while cutting off the bottom portion of this endless demon tree. The graphics are indeed gruesome and gross, so sure to be a hit with little kids and fright fans. The animation is smooth throughout, though admittedly, doesn’t have much to render. The sounds will send chills down your spine for sure.

Slashing Demons app for Apple iOS is a solid replay game. Yup, there’s several tree slashing games out there, but none quite like this. This one stands alone in an overcrowded genre to deliver some gruesome fun.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Silly Sausage in Meat Land - App Review

Silly Sausage in Meat Land app for Apple iOS and Android is a goofball game about a really looooong and stretchy wiener dog on a mission. Collect all the gems while avoiding all the jaggies that make you go ouch. This one makes absolutely no sense, but then, most really good games never do. Retro gaming fans are sure to find this entertaining and addictive. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Silly Sausage in Meat Land app displays in landscape mode to reveal a side scrolling environment of the endless variety. Your mission, is to take this stretchy little canine on a walk, of sorts, collecting all the green shiny gemstones. Why? Who knows? Maybe this little mutt trades them in for doggy treats; a puppy's gotta eat. Whatever the case, just swipe the direction you want this little thing to go, and his torso gets longer and looooonger until you tap the screen, then his hind paws release and catch up to the rest of his body. To change directions mid-stretch, just swipe in any direction and the doggy's head will follow, stretching that long body more and more.

You can actually bend and wind this doggy pretty far without ever making him go pop, however, there's jaggies out to get you, and if they touch any part of the dog before he retracts to his normal shape, it's game over. Good news is, there's several dog houses to seek refuge in along the way, which double as checkpoints where you can restart the game if you mess up.  Checkpoints will cost you some of your recently collected gemstones, or you can watch a video instead and save those valuable gemstones to purchase stock in the Milk-Bone corporation.

The controls use the aforementioned screen swipes to make this mutt go, and all was copacetic. The graphics stick close to their retro roots, presenting neo-pixel graphics that go for a nice blend of old school visuals while retaining some modern details. The animation is a tad crude by design and doesn't have much excitement to render, however, it's kinda fun to see just how long and windy you can contort this poor little twisty dog. The sounds feature retro MIDI style music that's marginally entertaining, until it isn't, at which point, the mute button is your friend.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land app for Apple iOS and Android isn't going to entertain for hours on end, however, as an occasional time killer, it's good clean fun. There's lots of mazes to conquer here, so if you get hooked, there's plenty to keep you busy. And maybe when you’re done, send that poor mutt to the chiropractor for a much needed adjustment.


Spherik - App Review

Spherik app for Apple iOS is a deceptively simple replay game with one finger controls. Bounce a pixel ball through a series of 6 orbiting layers that get smaller and smaller, while spinning you right round baby, right round, like a record baby, round round, round round. Make it to the center point as many times as you can before biting it. Disclaimer: you will bite it often. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Spherik app is a game with a mission, and a simple one at that. The app presents in portrait mode and does not display as well on iPad as it does on iPhone, but remains wholly playable on both. As the story goes, there’s a circular puzzle front and center, with 5 additional layers contained within, each smaller than the next and nestled within each other, all comfy cozy. Each layer orbits independently, moving in alternating directions. But wait, there’s more! Each layer is populated with pixel balls that move a different speeds. Your mission, is to leap your lone pixel ball through the gauntlet of alternating orbits to reach the center space as many times as you can without touching any of the other pixel balls along the way. Still not convinced? Ok, here’s one last tidbit for ya: you can’t hesitate too long or it’s game over, so look sharp, act fast and move your little pixel ass already, cuz time is a-waistin’.
The controls use a lone screen tap to bring on the thunder, and if you think bouncing a lone pixel ball is riveting, then this is the stuff adrenaline was made for. The graphics feature orbiting white balls on a pale blue backdrop, and all the alternating orbits was sorta mesmeric, if only you had the time to admire the beauty. The animation has some cool burst effects to render whenever you make it to the center of the puzzle, so consider that your reward for a job well done. The sounds are of the silent, nonexistent variety, so if playing in silence is your bag, then this one’s got you covered.

Spherik app for Apple iOS is a replay game, through and through. Nope, it’s not very memorable. Yup, it’s fun when you’re bored, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or perhaps a tad sloshed and ready to giggle at anything. However you come to it, enjoy.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fast & Furious: Legacy - App Review

Fast & Furious: Legacy app for Apple iOS and Android is a testosterone driven car racing game that goes straight for the jugular. Yup, this one is basically just a really slick and cool commercial for a really slick and cool movie, however, the play remains engaging and fun, and stands on its own as a viable and worthy racing game. Fan of the films or not, this one is fun. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Fast & Furious: Legacy app presents in landscape mode to reveal a dramatically lit, metropolitan environment. There’s slick cars with candy coated paint jobs, shiny wet pavement that glistens in the city lights and enough testosterone to make you test positive for steroids. The game features a modestly entertaining story that walks you through some plot points taken right out of this popular movie franchise. Some of your favorite film characters make appearances here, creating some decent glue to hold all the different gaming elements together. Essentially, this is just an endless runner style game, only we’re driving really cool CGI cars that most of us can never afford to drive in real life. The good news is, the insurance premiums are reasonable.

The play involves head to head drag racing through the city streets of Los Angeles, Miami and Tokyo, just to name a few. There’s a lot to unlock and try here, so this one will keep you busy a good while. There’s also some good cop chasing sequences, where you gotta outrun the boys in blue, and smash a few squad cars along the way while you’re at it, all without doing pesky jail time and adding reams of paper to your rap sheet. Just go hard, go fast, or go home with your tail between your legs. This one is ideal for racing and “Fast” franchise fans of all ages.

The controls use screen taps to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic. The graphics are rich with outstanding details and dripping with saturation and subtlety. The animation is outstandingly entertaining, offering excellent illusions of speed, aggression and heart thumping stunts. This one goes for broke, then takes out a hefty loan just so it can double down on the visual overload.  The sounds feature enough aggression and testosterone to make the most humble of beings turn into a speed freak adrenaline junky.

Fast & Furious: Legacy app for Apple iOS and Android is loads of good, clean fun. Okay, so outrunning the cops isn’t exactly wholesome, but as a need for speed, go for broke sorta racing game, this one checks off all the right boxes and delivers the goods. It’s fun, fast, frantic and fabulous. Enjoy.  


Stickman Rush - App Review

Stickman Rush app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple action endless driver game where all you gotta do is not go boom. Disclaimer: You will go boom often. This one is mildly addictive and visually entertaining for replay fans of all ages. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Stickman Rush app is a deceptively simple game of drive your goofy rocket car on a busy thoroughfare and try not to run into anything. Naturally, running into things is what you'll do best here. You are traversing a 3 laned highway I've dubbed Pixel Street.  No, Oscar the Grouch does not live in a trash can, nor are there any fluffy yellow birds, but there is a lot of traffic, and you're the poor sap who's gotta drive it, safely.

Rather than the traditional straight on view of the path to be traveled, this one places you at a 45 degree angle to the roadway. And this seemingly innocuous change is all it took to throw my whole gaming sensibility slightly askew. You see, changing lanes becomes just a little bit trickier for some stupid reason, probably because the controls are a little askew too.

So to make the magic happen, all you gotta do is change lanes, avoid obstacles and try not to hit the president's limo, or perhaps it was a hearse -- er -- whatever the case, when all else fails, refer to rule #1 - never go boom.  Just keep going as far as you can, and try not to get distracted by the funny stuff happening on the roadway and roadside, lest you go boom again. Starting to get the picture?

The controls use those ever elusive screen swipes to deliver the goods, and all was copacetic. I found some control variants in the setting menu, and it would behoove you to check them out because the alternate versions work better than the default. The graphics very much go for cartoonish and comical imagery, with lots of goofy cars to avoid and some truly funny sideline action. The animation is crude by design but suits the play nicely. The sounds are lively and energetic, but also repetitious and borderline annoying the more you play. So, in other words, the mute button is your friend here.

Stickman Rush app for Apple iOS and Android isn't all that memorable, and it certainly won't stand the test of time. However, as a momentary piece of disposable entertainment, this one delivers the goods. So have fun with it, until you don't. Try it, toss it, then move on to the next; such is the way of replay gaming.


AG Drive - App Review

AG Drive app for Apple iOS is a futuristic speed racing game that goes for broke and delivers loads of fun. Drive your ultra-cool hovercraft on a twisty-turny track through the skies and city streets, featuring futuristic renditions of well-known earthly cities. If you feel the need for speed but are too lazy to get your ass off the couch, then get this game and go for it in this balls to the wall epic racer. (continued)
 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

AG Drive app presents in landscape mode to reveal a race track of epic proportions. The track bends, twists and turns through the skies, high above this futuristic metropolis, before cutting through the city streets at breakneck speeds. You’re competing in timed trials or head to head against online players. The illusion of speed is outstandingly fun, with special go-fast spaces that’ll catapult you into near hyperspace in the blink of an eye. And if all that still ain’t fast enough for ya, try hitting the nitrous button for an intense it of g-forces that’ll send you careening if you’re not prepared for the jolt. The physics and illusion of speed here are fantastic.
The controls use your tilt function to steer and felt quite erratic. It was hard to strike just the right balance without swerving back and forth wildly like a drunk. But then I discovered all the upgrades waiting to be earned, which included a sensitivity control that made a world of difference to my racing performance. There’s plenty of cool upgrades to be had, but watch your wallet, because cash will fly out of it faster than this hyperspace hovercraft can push your stomach into your throat.

The graphics are outstandingly detailed, delivering futuristic views of this ultra-mod metropolis. There’s a lot the see and enjoy here, but be careful about taking your eyes off the road, even for a second, because traversing these tracks requires your undivided attention. The animation has a lot of sizzle here to render, and occasionally struggles to keep up. But all remains clean and smooth for the most part. The fiery thrusters burning from the back of your craft help round out the illusion of speed, as does all the scenery whizzing by in a blur. The sounds added just the right touch of adrenaline to accentuate the play.

AG Drive app for Apple iOS is as much fun to look at as it is to play. Just know it could cost you in paid upgrades, but the return on that investment is loads of good clean fun.

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