Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Zenith - Space Adventure - App Review

Zenith - Space Adventure app for Apple iOS is a retro looking interstellar space adventure that’s all about momentum and skill. Fly your pixel spaceship through a vertically moving arrangement of celestial bodies, trying to fly into the featured planet while you avoid crashing into all others. Yup, good luck with that one. (continued)

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Zenith - Space Adventure app presents in portrait mode to reveal a very pleasing outer space environment, Right off the top, this one grabbed my attention and drew me into the play. The problem is, this one is deceptively simple in look and exceedingly difficult to play. As the story goes, you are presented with a solar system to explore, and your mission, is to use certain planets for orbital momentum, and try and fly into the featured planet to win the round. Typically, the planets with rings around them are meant to be orbited, and use the accumulated momentum to gain speed and trajectory that sets you on a course for your target planet. The play is highly challenging and you’ll go boom more often than not.

The controls use two lone digits to make the magic happen; tap the right side of the screen to slow your craft, and tap the right to throttle your speed. Using both in tandem is where the real challenge lies, and there’s a stiff learning curve here, to be sure. The graphics are vibrant and inviting, featuring different colored planets and a pleasing, deep blue space environment with twinkly stars. The animation is rather simplistic, but effective. The illusion of physics and gravity were quite good and suited the game well. The sounds feature annoying music that doesn’t seem to fit the play and inspired use of my mute button.

Zenith - Space Adventure is a cool game that feels very retro. Sure, there’s a few quibbles with the sound and challenging controls, but none of that detracted from the solidly entertaining play. This one is really challenging though, so consider yourself warned.



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