Friday, March 6, 2015

WWE Immortals - App Review

WWE Immortals for Apple iOS and Android pits your favorite wrestling stars against each other in mano a mano brawls to the death. There’s supernatural abilities, visually spectacular smack downs and a testosterone driven presentation that’s sure to entertain, regardless of if you’re into fake wrestling or not.

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WWE Immortals presents in landscape mode to deliver a testosterone laden brawl between feuding wrestlers. Just choose your favorite wrestling stars to create tag teams of 3 against 3. You can go at it against computer opponents or live online players. Either way, you’re in for some vicious fantasy grudge matches. Each wrestler features their signature moves, all decked out with plasma bursts, flaming effects and in your face visual stimuli that goes for the jugular. Just beat the crap outta your screen and hope that translates to winning combinations in the game. The pace is frantic and addictive, to be sure. Three wrestlers enter, but only one leaves with their life.

The controls use an array of pokes, swipes, taps and stabs to bring the smack down to your opponents. All functioned nicely and the controls were nuanced and responsive. The graphics deliver a lot of aggressive flash and pop that’s entertaining to watch. The animation features a lot of color and vibrancy, erupting all over your screen in a blaze of glory, with few stutters or hangs to be found. The sounds are testosterone driven, with loud, in your face sorta effects. 

WWE Immortals is highly entertaining and addictive, even if you’re not into wrestling entertainment. I certainly had more fun playing this game than watching those phony matches on TV. This one is sure to entertain and leave you jittering for more.



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