Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wizard Golf RPG - App Review

Wizard Golf RPG app for Apple iOS is a super cool game of mini golf, played with an RPG twist. Cast spells and shoot plasma balls from your wizard’s wand to score a hole in one if you’re lucky, or maybe just par if you’re a little rusty on casting spells. This one is innovative and entertaining.(continued)

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Wizard Golf RPG app presents in landscape mode to deliver a silly game of golf with an RPG twist. As the story goes, even wizards need a leisure activity. So this one has decided to take up golf to calm his nerves in-between turning people into toads and such. Your objective, is to work through this goofy golf course and sink each ball within a set number of moves to achieve par, or if you suck, maybe you’re just going for a bogey, either way, the play is addictive and fun. Basically this one plays out like a tried and true game of virtual pixel golf, except, instead of using clubs and balls, you’re using a wizard’s wand to cast magic spells and shoot bursts of plasma into the hole with the fewest moves possible. There’s gemstones to collect along the way, and lots of different courses to try. And yup, you will encounter a few enemies, because every self-respecting fantasy quest has some mythic beasts to conquer.

The controls use screen taps and slides to make the magic happen. Just touch and slide the “ball” to set your aim and trajectory, then release to engage the power meter; just tap at the precise moment to deliver power shots, or gentle, precision strokes. The physics are actually quite sophisticated, adding to the enjoyment of play. Yup, you can rebound your ball of energy and even pull off some quality play, thanks to the responsive controls. The graphics are heavy on the pixels and going for retro, with decent visuals that captivate and entertain.  The animation is crude by design, but smooth for the most part. There’s some cool spell s and enchanted tricks to enjoy the deeper you go into the game. The sounds feature minimal effects, along with some ethereal music that is the stuff magic is made of.

Wizard Golf RPG app for Apple iOS is a highly enjoyable game of virtual golf.  I consider it to be akin to mini golf, given the obstacles and goofy play. This one is original, fun and brings a new twist to tired and true virtual golf, and RPG fans are sure to love the fantasy elements. This one is entertaining and captivating.

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