Thursday, March 12, 2015

Walking War Robots - App Review

Walking War Robots app for Apple iOS is an ultra-cool combat game starring you as a robotic avatar. Blast the ever livin’ crap outta anything that moves, and even a few things that don’t just because it’s fun. This one is not for the faint of heart and just might make you wet yourself. (continued)

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Walking War Robots app for Apple iOS presents in landscape mode to deliver one bad ass, mother effin game. As the story goes, there’s no story to be found; awesome! Just pick your robot, wait for an online team of robotic warriors to band together, then get plopped into this desolate shell of a former city and start blasting everything and anything. But beware, cuz there’s plenty of bad asses here to blast the crap outta you too. This is a balls to the wall free for all, and you’ll be lucky to last five minutes on your first outing. This is one of those games where newbies are just sheep sent off to slaughter. So look sharp, watch your back and when all else fails, refer back to rule #1 – blast the crap outta everything and ask questions later.

The controls use a virtual d-pad on the lower left and an array of weaponry buttons on the lower right. You can also swipe to pan your environment with full 360 degree views. Everything was responsive and snappy, so if you suck, there’s no blaming that. The graphics are fully realized and rich with glorious details that draw you in and may just loosen your bowels; there’s some real bad ass robots here to earn and play with. The animation goes for broke here, with loads of cool explosions, weaponry fire, whizzing bullets, plumes of smoke and smoldering carcasses. Staring to get the picture? The sounds feature thundering explosions, firepower and effects that round out the play nicely.

Walking War Robots app for Apple iOS is fueled by pent up aggression and overactive imaginations. This is one of those games that just might leave you a twitching hot mess if you play it too long, but it’s loads of fun and super cool to look at, so WTF, let’s play!



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