Monday, March 2, 2015

Veloz - App Review

Veloz for Apple iOS is a single action replay racing game. Tap the screen to accelerate through traffic and go as far as you can without crashing. This one has a laid back and chill sorta vibe that I found enjoyable.

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Veloz presents in portrait mode to reveal a single action racing game, featuring cool retro cars and addictive mechanics. The visuals are sorta blocky, the sun is out and a cool summer breeze just makes everything feel right. It has all the makings of a great day to go for a cruise in your retro classic car. The trick with this one, is you’re only driving in a straight line, with no turns at all. Just tap and hold the screen to accelerate, and release to slow to a stop. The mechanics are deceptively simple, and the urge to lay on that accelerator and go fast is hard to resist. There’s traffic signals to obey, cross traffic to watch out for and the occasional cop. Other than that, it’s smooth sailing. Just try to go as far as you can without getting into an accident, and should you crash, you’ll be rewarded with spectacularly satisfying smashups that only encourage you to drive faster and hit harder on your next joyride.

The controls just use that lone screen press to make the magic happen, and worked well.  The graphics have a somewhat blocky look to them that’s appealing to the eye. All the cars on the road look pretty good, but yours is the coolest on the asphalt, by far. My only quibble, is there’s perhaps too many shadows by default, but the settings button toggles their density, so be sure to make that adjustment to up your enjoyment. The animation is smooth throughout, though the crashes aren’t all that detailed by design. The sounds feature some nice engine revs and vrooms, with added to my enjoyment of play.

Veloz is a quality replay game. Nope, I don’t see myself playing this for hours on end, but I do find myself coming back to it often. A quality game, through and through.  



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