Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Under the Sun - App Review

Under the Sun app for Apple iOS and Android is a cool puzzle game featuring 3D views and an intriguing premise. Guide a stranded castaway through a 3D puzzle and make it to the finish square before growing old and dying. This one is highly challenging and features some cool graphics and innovative controls.(continued)

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Under the Sun app presents in landscape mode to reveal a desolate, uncharted island. How do I know it’s desolate and uncharted? Because the guy who’ stuck there is all alone and desperate to get the heck outta there. The landscape is comprised of 3D blocks that make up this idyllic, lost paradise. Your objective, is to guide your island castaway from one block to the next and make it to the campfire before dying. Yup, dying. So this little dude’s life is in your hands, my puzzle gaming friends, so don’t let him down.

The cool thing about this one, is your island castaway literally ages before your very eyes with each step you take. You have a set number of moves to win each level, so plan your moves wisely, lest you kill that aging castaway prematurely like Dr. Kevorkian. But fret not, cuz if you mess up, there’s a cool rotary control on the right edge of your screen; just dial it forward and back to relive and rewind your past moves, and hopefully make better choices the next time out. You can step atop growing palm trees, admire the night sky and twinkly stars, and perhaps lay down and take a nap if you’re ready to give up and die.

The controls use screen taps to deliver the goods and all functioned well. There’s also a highly effective pinch-zoom function that offers near full 360 degree views of this island paradise from every conceivable angle.  The graphics feature colorful imagery that’s deceptively inviting, effectively depicting this blocky sorta paradise nicely. The animation features a cool aging effect that literally shows your avatar growing older with each move, and the 360 degree views of the environment rendered smoothly. The sounds feature meditative gulls and lapping shores that are sure to lull you, if not for the maddening puzzle play that’s tweaking your noodle.

Under the Sun app for Apple iOS and Android is highly challenging and entertaining. I found this one to be as addictive as it is maddening, and it’s sure to entertain and challenge puzzle fans clear through to the end.

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