Sunday, March 1, 2015

Twelve - Hardest Puzzle - App Review

Twelve - Hardest Puzzle for Apple iOS and Android certainly lives up to its name. Slide numbered tiles on a grid and try to combine matches to reach the number 12. It sound simple, but believe me, you'll break a decent sweat trying to solve this one. It's suitable for puzzle fans of all ages.

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Twelve – Hardest Puzzle presents in portrait mode to deliver a simple but maddening replay puzzle game. You know you’re in for some trouble when a game combines replay and puzzle elements, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The game starts you off with 3 randomly numbered tiles. Starting tiles are always 1’s and 2’s, and your mission is to combine similarly numbered tiles to make a single tile, numbered with the next consecutive digit. So, two #2 tiles combine to create a single #3 tile. And two #3 tiles, combine to create a single #4 tile; and so on and so forth. Just keep combining matching tiles until you reach the number 12. The tricky part is, tiles need to have an unobstructed pathway of movement to their matching tile. And if there’s no matches to be made, just move one lone tile to any free space, which triggers 2 new tiles to be added to the board, thus cluttering future moves.

The controls use a single screen tap to make the magic happen, the rest is on you and your mental acuity. The graphics look about as good as it gets for colored tiles with numbers; pleasing to the eye and quality imagery. The animation is quite nice, rendering satisfying tile moves and slides. The sounds are minimal, rightly placing focus on the task at hand.

Twelve, - Hardest Puzzle game is immersive and addictive, to be sure. I only successfully completed this 3 times, and that was after countless replays. This one is lots of fun and will certainly challenge your abilities.   



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