Thursday, March 5, 2015

Traffic Buster - App Review

Traffic Buster for Apple iOS and Android is a cool car driving replay game. Guide blocky little cars safely through a busy intersection, or, just make them crash and go boom because it's more fun than traffic safety. This one is sure to entertain in short bursts of play.

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Traffic Buster presents in landscape mode, high above a busy intersection, with a view of the traffic below. Your mission, is to guide each car safely through this intersection and keep the flow moving as long as you can without an accident. And therein lies the real game to be played. Once you experience your first accident, you'll realize the real game here, is one of blow up the cars in a spectacular blaze of glory. There's school buses, trucks, sportsters and big rigs, just to name a few. So pick the biggest car on the road, and send him barreling into that intersection and watch the mayhem unfold, in all its 3D glory. It's loads of fun to see cars catapult into the air, twisting and turning in a blaze of glory; what joy, and my insurance premiums didn't even take a hit.

The controls use a screen tap and swipe to select which cars to control. Just tap and swipe to make them accelerate. The graphics feature quality 3D perspective and a sort of blocky environment that's pleasing to the eye. The animation is a bit laggy but renders satisfying explosions quite nicely. The sounds are minimal but offer some nice punctuation to match the visuals.

Traffic Buster is a quality replay game. No, there's not much variance to the play, but smashing cars and watching explosions is game enough for me sometimes. Have fun!



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