Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TouchTone™ - App Review

TouchTone app for Apple iOS aims to make everyone a secret spy for the NSA. Listen in on faux telephone calls, determine possible threats, and invade everyone's privacy for the greater good. This one combines topical themes with an intriguing puzzler to deliver a unique game that's as entertaining as it is unnerving. (continued)

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TouchTone app presents in portrait mode to reveal an unusual puzzle game that's all about tapping phone calls, listening in for any suspicious behavior and determining which conversations are possible threats, and which ones are just mind-numbingly boring. The puzzle portion of the play, features a grid of squares that fill up most of your screen. Traversing through the grid, are differently colored squiggly sound waves, which are meant to represent the phone calls you're tapping. Your objective, is to move different reflectors through the grid so as to bounce those sound waves and get them to hit their corresponding connection points at the sides of your screen. To do that, just slide and move each reflector so as to bend and rebound the colored sound waves. The tricky part, naturally, is figuring out where to place each reflector so as to bend and rebound multiple sound waves, and get each one to land on its corresponding connection point.

Each puzzle is meant to represent a telephone call that you're tapping, and after successfully completing all puzzles for each level, you will be presented with text transcripts of the calls you were allegedly tapping. Read the text, determine if these are encoded terrorist messages, or threats of any kind, and then presumably save the day, thanks to your invasion of privacy. Naturally, this game is mimicking real world events, and personally, I was never surprised that any of that stuff was going on to begin with. I'm the guy who places smiley stickers on all his gizmo’s front facing cameras, because I know that manufacturers, and probably the NSA, are all tapping those cams and peeking in on what we're doing at any given moment. Read the fine print to your user agreements, and I bet you'll find verbiage aimed at obfuscating what's really going on.  Cell phone companies have said as much in their user agreements for years now, so what's the big shock? But I digress...

The controls use screen taps and slides to deliver the goods, and I just bet tapping a real call isn't half as tricky as this game is to play. The graphics and animation are rather simple, but do manage to deliver some entertaining visuals and animated vignettes that successfully liven up this otherwise heady game. The sounds feature some cool effects that suited the play perfectly.

TouchTone app for Apple iOS is an intriguing puzzle game that's sure to entertain and keep you engaged. This one is innovative and challenging and earns top marks for originality.   Perhaps Edward Snowden is playing this one somewhere Moscow right now and wondering where his life went so horribly wrong.

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