Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Swords & Poker Adventures - App Review

Swords & Poker Adventures app for Apple iOS is a cool game of fantasy RPG poker with a twist. Compete head to head against the computer and try to score the best hand from a grid of nine shared cards. This one requires strategy, logic and minimal poker knowledge to play.  (continued)

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Swords & Poker Adventures app presents in portrait mode to reveal a turn by turn game of fantasy RPG poker. The app features nine cards, placed in 3 rows of three, front and center, and these cards are shared by both players. Your mythic opponent appears along the top of the screen, while your hero appears along the bottom. Each player is given 4 cards, dealt face up, and your objective is to place two cards into the game board of 9 shared cards, and try to make winning hands. Winning hands can be made horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Each player takes a turn, and scoring hands deliver a blow to you or your opponent. The round is won when the board fills up and there are no more winning hands to be made, or either you or your opponent dies from the relentless attacks. 

The controls use basic screen taps and swipes to deliver the goods, and all functioned nicely. The graphics feature beastly opponents and big boobed heroines that are sure to inspire juvenile players. The layout and presentation is pleasing to the eye and rich with details. The animation features basic card effects, along with motion tracking and visual bursts on still images to simulate attacks. The sounds feature overbearing music that inspires the use of your mute button.

Swords & Poker Adventures app for Apple iOS offers a cool twist on tried and true poker play. I very much enjoyed the RPG combat element. The play is solid, entertaining and accessible to all poker players, regardless of skill level.

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