Friday, March 13, 2015

Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage - App Review

Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage app for Apple iOS and Android is a mindless replay game of epic proportions. Climb a Godzillaish monster up a never ending skyscraper to go as high as you can and best your last score. This one is modestly entertaining, so far as mindless replay games go. (continued)

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Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage presents in portrait mode to reveal a retro pixel environment, and a lone skyscraper, with a Godzilla looking monster standing at its base. So naturally, he does what any self-respecting humungous monster in the big city would do, and starts trekking up that big’o building. Why? Because it’s there. And if we ask too many questions, virtually all of these games start to unravel, right quick.

So Mr. ‘Zilla starts climbing his big’o ass up that building, dodging left and right to avoid billboards to keep on climbing. This skyscraper apparently goes straight to the moon, cuz there’s no end in sight. But before long, you see flailing humans screaming out their window. What; you never seen a big ass monster climbing up a building before? Jeez, no couth. Just bang the sides of the building to smash some brick and give those pesky humans something to scream about. Naturally, some busy body called the cops, and now they’re hangin’ out the windows shooting at you. So you keep dodging gunfire and billboards until you plummet to your death and go boom. *Sigh* Discrimination against big monsters, still, in this day and age. When with this travesty end?

The controls use left and right swipes to swap sides of the building while climbing. Incidentally, the climbing is on autopilot, so all you gotta do is worry about the swipes. The graphics are colorful, featuring different building hues with each replay. The animation is solidly retro and sticks close to its roots with modest renders. The sounds feature MIDI music and bot much else. 

Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage app for Apple iOS and Android is decent fun for replay fans, though this review might make it sound more fun than it is.



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