Thursday, March 19, 2015

Staying Together - App Review

Staying Together app for Apple iOS and Android is a wholly original and intriguing puzzle game, featuring a love-struck couple, separated by a maze that's suspended in time and space. Guide these two lovebirds to the glowing finish zone to successfully reunite them and win the round. This one relies heavily on trial and error and will certainly entertain puzzle fans to no end. (continued)

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Staying Together presents in landscape mode to deliver a truly interesting and challenging puzzle game, suspended in time and space. There's spikes, drops, and obstacles to leap. And sadly, our love-struck heroes find themselves stuck on opposite sides of the puzzle. Your mission, is to guide each character through the maze in tandem, without making them drop off the edge into oblivion or impaling themselves on any of the jaggy spikes. Naturally, the trick here is figuring out how to move each character in unison through this perilous maze so that they can reunite in the glowing finish zone. The play requires a lot of trial and error and will certainly tax your intellect as you try to figure out what's what. This one requires strategy, logic and spatial reasoning to master, but hey, all that's still easier than trying to maintain a real relationship.
The controls use directional arrows for movement and a lone jump button; all functioned well, but the simultaneous movement by both characters sure takes some getting used to. The graphics are of nice quality, going for a sort of retro pixel, modernistic blend of visual imagery that's unique and pleasing to the eye. The animation is quite sophisticated, even though it remains simple in look. I enjoyed the visual effects, which drew me into the play. The sounds feature a highly dramatic score that tugs at the heartstrings and eggs you on to reunite these lost lovers.

Staying Together app is a quality puzzle game that's sure to hold your interest through all the levels. This one strikes a nice blend between retro and modern, with quality visuals and challenging mechanics that enhanced the enjoyment of play.


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