Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Star Wars™: Card Trader - App Review

Star Wars™: Card Trader app for Apple iOS is a cool trading cards app that features cards from both Star Wars trilogies. Collect and trade authentic cards with online fans and complete all of your digital collections. This one is cool but I question spending money on valueless digital cards you'll never actually possess. (continued)

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Star Wars™: Card Trader app presents in portrait mode to reveal a basic user interface that doesn't possess many bells and whistles. The interface is rather forgettable, however, it rightly places focus on the real star of the show here, which is the trading cards themselves. Right off the top, the cool thing about this one, was seeing all the old bubblegum cards from Episode 4 that I collected as a kid. Yup, they were still called bubblegum cards back then, and you got a stick of mediocre gum to chew and enjoy while perusing your cards. Each pack also came with stickers, and I have yet to see any of those depicted here in digital form. However, the cards themselves are indeed high quality images of the front and back of the original trading cards themselves. 

So the activity to be enjoyed here, is collecting all cards required to complete your sets from Episodes 1 thru 6. You can buy new packs to open, and earn a few freebies along the way. I was particularly fond of the trade feature, which allows you to select which cards from your collection you're willing to forfeit, and note what cards you'd like in return. That listing is then posted for all users to see, so the social interaction and trading aspects of this app are pretty cool. There's loads of high quality pictures to look at here, along with special rare cards to discover and collect too.

In some ways, this seems like a frivolous activity, given that you won't actually possess any of these super cool cards. However, the upside is, you won't add any clutter to your life and you'll always know where your cards are neatly stored, ready for you to browse any time you're ready. 

The app itself functions well and I encountered no serious lags or issues. This is a clean and simple presentation, and is clearly the future of card trading. Naturally, this will never replace the joy and satisfaction earned by collecting these actual rarities in hand, however, this is a good way to keep tabs on what cards are out there, and make a visual list of what you may want to purchase and own for real, while maintaining a neat and tidy digital collection.

Star Wars™: Card Trader app for Apple iOS has a limited audience, but it remains very cool. I really enjoyed seeing all those retro cards I used to own and it kinda made me wish I never sold them on eBay. 



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