Saturday, March 7, 2015

Star Drift - App Review

Star Drift app for Apple iOS plays like a retro arcade classic and is loads of fun. Fly your spaceship with zigzaggy sorta mechanics through a side scrolling deep space environment. This one is highly addictive and as much fun to look at as it is to play. (continued)

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Star Drift app presents in landscape mode to deliver some truly stunning visuals that make the most out of your Retina display. As the story goes, you’re a starship on a deep space mission. Your objective, is to fly your spaceship from one checkpoint to the next without getting zapped by the array of neon glowing enemies you’ll encounter. The visuals are so striking that it almost looks like you’re on a deep dive aquatic adventure here on earth. The enemies are more like glowing jellyfish and undulating plasma orbs, with glowing centipedes, vibrant blobs and mesmeric beings that are so beautiful to look at that they distract you from the play. To complicate matters further, your spaceship has a zigzaggy sorta flight path which is a little erratic until you get used to it. However, this is not one of those maddening replay games with intentionally impossible mechanics. On the contrary, this one is highly sophisticated and wholly playable, so if you suck at it, it’s all on you.

The controls use a lone screen tap to deliver the goods, and all functioned well, provided you take the time to learn how to use them effectively. The controls possess a lot of accuracy and nuance, so expert play is totally possible here. Your laser gun shoot automatically, which is good, because it leaves you free to focus on quality flying skills. The graphics are veritable eye candy and just a pleasure to watch. The animation has a lot of sizzle to render and does a good job of it, which is impressive, given all the juicy goodness happening onscreen. The sounds are energetic, yet remain enjoyable without being tediously monotonous.

Star Drift app for Apple iOS is outstandingly fun and one of my new fave games, for sure. I love this one and it really takes me back to my arcade roots. I would have pumped roll after roll of quarters into this one, happily playing it all day long. Enjoy.



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