Monday, March 30, 2015

Stan Lee's Hero Command - App Review

Stan Lee's Hero Command app for Apple iOS is a super cool combat game featuring an array of worthy heroes, pitted against an oddity of mythic beasts and big boss baddies to conquer. This one stiff needs a little work, but is sure to entertain diehard nerds to no end. (continued)

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Stan Lee's Hero Command app presents in landscape mode to reveal a futuristic and industrial looking lair, populated with a host of angry minions out to get you. Your mission, is to squash and pummel your numerous enemies while making your way through their hideout. Each round ends with a mythic big boss fight, pitting you, mano a mano against an array of menacing enemies to conquer. The action is seen from an aerial point of view looking down on the action below. There’s lots of different missions to complete, as depicted on an interactive map. Naturally, there’s also oodles of upgrades and enhancements to be made, all of which can cost you a decent wad of real cash.

The controls use a virtual joystick on the lower left, with an array of attack buttons on the lower right. Using the two in tandem was a little tricky at first, but practice definitely makes perfect with this one. The graphics feature Stan Lee’s cartoonish avatar hosting the game, and an array of misfit heroes to select and fight with. It all comes off like a Saturday morning cartoon. The animation is a little choppy at times, but does have a lot of cool explosions and plasma bursts to render, which helped make things exciting. The sounds are rich with details and certainly round out the play nicely.

Stan Lee's Hero Command app for Apple iOS is sure to be a hit with diehard comic book fans, thanks to the mythic lore and Stan Lee’s avatar hosting the play. This one is really fun but I still feel like it’s in need of some performance enhancements.



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