Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stack Challenge - App Review

Stack Challenge for Apple iOS and Android aims to be a maddening puzzle stacking game, and succeeds at delivering some thought provoking puzzles that are sure to entertain. Stack an array of random objects to reach vertical milestones and win each round. This one is sure to entertain puzzle fans of all ages.

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Stack Challenge presents in portrait mode to reveal a bunch of objects, resting on platforms that are floating in midair, high in the clouds above. Your mission, is to stack all the objects so they reach visible milestones and stay balanced on their own for a total of 3 seconds. There's an array of different things to stack, none of which seem like they’ll go together rather well. There's large blocks of wood, school buses, textbooks, globes, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Your objective, is to figure out the best sequence to get things stacked up as high as possible, so as to reach the vertical milestones, win the round and advance to the next level. Things get really difficult as you go a long and this one is sure to tweak your noodle as you try to figure things out. You'll need patience, strategy and logic to pull this one off.

The controls use screen touches and slides to move and place each object, and a steady hand is a must. The graphics feature colorful imagery with a cartoon quality look and appeal.  The animation is rather good, featuring quality physics that really add to the enjoyment and difficulty. The sounds offer basic punctuation and minimal effects, placing the spotlight on the puzzles at hand without stealing focus.

Stack Challenge is a quality puzzle game that's suitable for gamers of all ages. This one is as challenging as it is entertaining, and will certainly deliver some frustratingly good fun.

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