Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Ninja - App Review

Spring Ninja app for Apple iOS and Android is a simple minded replay game that’s barely playable. But hey, we all feel the need to try one of these every once in a while, and this is one of the better unplayable replay games I’ve seen lately. This one is good fun for anyone who’s a glutton for punishment. (continued)

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Spring Ninja presents in portrait mode to deliver a deceptively serene gaming environment. As the story goes, the ancient ninja have decided it’s time to up their game, and are training new warriors with these newfangled springy shoes. So they perch a hapless ninja onto a vertically standing pole, and tell that poor sap to leap from one pole to the next as many times as he can and stick that landing so the judges give him solid 10s across the board. Well, my goofy little ninja friends if only things were that easy. You see, the mechanics of play are shoddy by design, beckoning you to screw up often and pound that replay game like a meth addict twitching for his next fix. The real game being played here, is one of accidentally clicking on ads between rounds. Think of it as a modern Pavlov’s dog experiment; they train you to tap your screen like a madman with shoddy replay mechanics, then every so often, stick an ad in place of the replay button in hopes that you’ll click it and trigger some cha-ching for the ole piggy bank. The play is decent, and modestly addictive, but like most back monkeys, it all gets old fast.
The controls a lone screen tap to deliver the goods, and that part functioned well, with the shoddy part being the physics and mechanics. The graphics feature an itty bitty, harmless looking ninja with springs on his feet; what could be cuter? The animation has cutting edge stuff to render, like a goofy ninja bouncing from one pole to the next. The sound go ga-boing, sort of, and fit the game well.

Spring Ninja app for Apple is one of the better replay game from the impossible variety, believe it or not. Impossible replay games have become a genre unto itself, and one that I prefer to call, Shovel Dump games. Replay games are actually playable, while Shovel Dump games are meant to be shoddy by design, and my theory is they’re best played inebriated, where their entertainment value increases tenfold. So get drunk and play responsibly, assuming you’re of age, of course.



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