Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spaceteam - App Review

Spaceteam for Apple iOS and Android is a wholly original and unique multi-player game, and is meant to be played with 2-4 players. All players will need their own gizmo to join the game, and are connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, so everyone needs to be within range. Your collective mission, is to keep this imaginary craft from going boom. The play is fun, addictive and sure to spark some belly laughs. (continued)

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Spaceteam presents in portrait mode to deliver a truly entertaining and original mobile gaming experience. As the story goes, all participating players are passengers on the same spaceship. Your collective mission, is to hit a bunch of levers, dials and switches and try not to mess up. The tricky part is, each player uses their own gizmo, and everyone is presented with their own unique screen, and you all have to play in tandem, following the given commands. Commands appear across the top of the screen in a ticker tape fashion, and there's a set amount of time to complete each action. So it might say, turn the thingamajig to 5, and then each player has to scan their respective screen, looking for the thingamajig button, and turn it to the right setting before time's up. Mess up, and your control panel starts to spark and stutter, getting worse and worse with each mistake made. The fun part is, all the buttons and levers have goofy names that change with each level, and no two players have the same buttons, so it gets pretty frantic, scanning your screen for each button. The play is frantic and funny.
The controls use basic taps and slides to flip switches, turn dials and move sliders; all functioned well. Game connections can be made via WiFi or Bluetooth, and were solid. The graphics are simple, possessing a rudimentary charm and a very retro look. The animation features green ooze, billowing smoke and flashing sparks, worsening with each successive screw up. The sounds offer quality punctuation that's an essential part of the play.

Spaceteam is impressive for originality alone. It's also a lot of fun and sure to be a favorite among friends of all ages.



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