Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders - App Review

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders for Apple iOS and Android is a fantastically entertaining game of aerial dogfights, pitting you against an array of online opponents. Just pick your cool plane, take to the skies, and start blasting the crap outta anything that moves. This one is hugely entertaining, to say the least. (continued)

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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders presents in landscape mode to deliver one of my all-time favorite aerial flying games. This one goes for broke in action and visuals, to deliver loads of good clean fun. The game takes place in the skies, high above the ocean in a nondescript locale. Your mission, is to try and take out your opponents before they take you out first. You can to loops, barrel rolls and dodge enemy fire, all with a striking degree of accuracy and nuance. The play is energetic and goes for the jugular, right from the get go. Just bob and weave through the aerial traffic, find your mark, get him in the crosshairs, then blast him to smithereens. This is the type of game that has me gritting my teeth and clenching my jaw, delivering sheer entertainment value and simple fun.

The controls use your gizmo’s tilt function to steer and were highly accurate. There’s also an array of weaponry buttons on the lower right, and all functioned well. The graphics go for a computer rendition of CGI realism, delivering nice details and vibrancy that beckon to be played. I particularly loved the control console which felt realistic; peppered with dials and readouts that added to the fun. The animation goes for broke, right down to the spiraling death drops, plumes of smoke and fiery engines. This one has a lot to render and does a good job of delivering the eye candy. The sounds offer the perfect complement to the play, delivering satisfying machine gun sounds engine wails and some decent explosions.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is outstandingly fun and sure to entertain for hours on end. This is one that I like to have on my personal roster of favorites and come back to if often. Happy flying.



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