Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Size DOES Matter - App Review

Size DOES Matter app for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool retro inspired side scrolling game of psychedelic proportions. Guide a stack of blocks through a series of vertical gates, and resized them to precisely match each gate’s opening, or go splat trying. Disclaimer: you will go splat often, and probably like it. (continued)

 Official App Store Links: Apple iOS | Android

Size DOES Matter app presents in landscape mode to reveal a side scrolling, neon glow sorta gaming environment. As the story goes, you’re in charge of a stack of blocks that can change its length on your command, which is a good thing, cuz there’s a whole bunch of glowing vertical gates coming your way, with different sized openings you’re gonna pass through. The gate’s openings range from one block in height, to 3 blocks, or 4 blocks; they apparently skipped over the 2 block gate opening, and it’s best not to ask why, because it just doesn’t matter. Anyhoo, your objective, is to safely navigate through each opening without smacking into anything. To do that, all you need do is compress and expand your stack of blocks so as to precisely match each gate’s opening. This is a Goldilocks and the 3 bears kinda moment, where everything’s gotta be juuuust right; not too small, not too big, just a perfect fit. There’s multiple gates coming at you all at once, and sometimes, all the gates have the same sized opening, while other times, the openings are just random. So look sharp, act fast and resize your stack of blocks to successfully pass through as many gates as you can.

The controls are rather innovative, featuring virtual mechanisms on the right and left sides of your screen. The left side moves your stack of blocks up and down, while the right side resizes the length of your stack. Both controls are used in tandem, which makes for some pretty hairy split decisions and close calls. The controls take some getting used to but are highly effective. The graphics are sparse but pleasing to the eye, featuring some beautifully glowing neon hues that mesmerize and draw you into the play. The animation features Timothy Leary inspired psychedelic renders that are sure to make you feel like you’re trippin’ on acid, but with none of the addiction and financial ruin. The sounds feature some really cool toe tappin’ music that’s actually an integral part of the play; follow the beat for cues to play more effectively.

Size DOES Matter app for Apple iOS and Android is loads of fun, highly addictive and frustratingly entertaining. You’ll be hitting the replay button often here, much like an addict twitching for his next fix. This one is as much fun to look at as it is to play.



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