Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sick Bricks - App Review

Sick Bricks app for Apple iOS and Android is a cool super hero smack-down sorta game with blocky heroes and villains. Think Legos, minus the billion dollar lawsuit. This one is supercalifragilistically fun for kids of all ages. (continued)

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Sick Bricks app presents in landscape mode to deliver the goods. As the story goes, Sickville is a big and dangerous place, where cops direct traffic and lend their squad cars to Legoish characters, leaving them to do all the dirty work of bashing blocky heads and busting them apart into itty bitty broken bricks. This one is an anger management addict's dream, cuz you can smash apart virtually everything, then put it all back together again faster than Humpty Dumpty can fall off a wall. As the story goes, the evil goons are up to no good again, but they can't help it, they were born that way. So you do what any self-respecting, Lego knockoff super hero would, and set off to save the day. Explore the mean Legoish streets, bash anything that look smashable, find secret lairs that aren't so secret, given that there's flashing arrows pointing right at them, and make short work outta some blocky meatheads. There’s laser beam security systems to evade, sharp spikes and evil minions galore.

The controls use the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to delivering the goods, and all functioned as expected, so swipe, slash, poke and prod to your heart's content. You can even take pictures of your very own Legos -- er -- I mean Sick Bricks, and teleport them right into the game. The graphics are of outstanding quality and detail, looking very much like the stuff Saturday morning cartoons are made of. Vibrant, colorful and rich with blocky details. The animation has a lot of flash and pop to render here, along with some biff, boom, and ka-pow to round out the visual stimuli. The sounds are fully realized, featuring quality spoken dialog, read along text and lively acoustic accompaniment. (continued)

Sick Bricks app for Apple iOS and Android is really fun and cool, and I suggest you play it while you can, before Lego swoops in and puts an end to all this copyright infringement. On the upside, they have a ready-made offshoot to overtake and absorb, complete with an avid fan base built in.



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