Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rocket Cars - App Review

Rocket Cars app for Apple iOS is a super cool racing game with one finger controls. Race your goofy toy car through an array of wacky obstacle courses to compete against live and computer opponents. This one is energetic and fun. (continued)

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Rocket Cars presents in portrait and landscape modes, depending on the gizmo you’re using it on. I found this one much more enjoyable on iPad than iPhone, where the rich details could be more fully enjoyed. This is a head to head, combat racing sorta game, pitting you against computer and online opponents. Just drive fast and hard, and try to be the first rocket car to reach the finish line, or go boom trying. Note – you will go boom often; what did you think was gonna happen to a car with twin rockets strapped to the back? There’s lots of different tracks to unlock and try, so this one will keep you busy a good while.

The controls use an innovative, one finger control to accelerate and steer. Just place your thumb onscreen and slide it left and right to steer. To accelerate, just pull your thumb downward to go fast, or if you’re a wimp, slide it upward to slow down. Brakes? Who needs brakes? The graphics are lively, colorful and playful, inviting you to play and inspiring a few giggles. The animation has a lot to render here, and does a nice job of it, however, the illusion of speed needs a little work.  There’s special, go-fast pads that send you speeding if you run over them, nitrous cylinders, force fields and special weaponry to collect and use against your opponents.   The sounds are lively without grating on the nerves or becoming tediously monotonous over time.

Rocket Cars for Apple iOS is lots of fun to play, with quality visuals to match. This one is likely best suited for kids with developing skills, however, racing fans of all ages will be entertained as well.

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