Sunday, March 8, 2015

Repulze - App Review

Repulze for Apple iOS and Android is a super cool racing game, set to futuristic locales with total eye candy visuals. Drive a bad ass hovercraft as fast as you can and hit all the colored checkpoints without going splat. This one is as fun to play as it is cool to look at.

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Repulze presents in landscape mode to deliver a supercharged, need for speed sorta game that doesn't disappoint. Your objective, is to go as fast as you can, hitting red and green checkpoints along the way. The tricky part is, you gotta keep an eye on the legend at the top of the screen, which tells you which colored checkpoint to hit next; hit the right one to go harder and faster, while hitting the wrong one makes that rock hard speed erection go limp. There's a lot of cool track sand cityscapes to unlock and try, so this one will keep you busy for a good while. The play is intense, addictive and has a strong replay value.

The controls use directional arrows on the left and right sides of your screen to steer, however, I found them to be a tad oversensitive, resulting in wild and erratic movements that make accuracy difficult. The good news though, is you can go into the settings menu and calibrate their sensitivity, which helped matters immensely. The graphics feature some really cool imagery and futuristic cities to look at, whizzing by at a gazillion miles an hour. The animation is smooth throughout and has a lot of entertaining flash and pop. The sounds feature a cool computerized voice and some techno music that's not half bad and certainly adds to the anxiety inducing play.

Repulze is addictive, to be sure, and the illusion of speed is what sets this one apart to deliver loads of jitter inducing fun.



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