Friday, March 13, 2015

Real Steel Champions - App Review

Real Steel Champions app for Apple iOS is a rock'em sock'em robot sorta game, pitting robot vs. robot in circuit board to circuit board combat. This one is cool, but comes off a little juvenile. I mean, really; a kid's movie with an app geared toward kids alone? Talk about gall, Dreamworks. (continued)

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Real Steel Champions app presents in landscape mode to depict an industrial locale in what basically amounts to fight club for robots. As the story goes, you are the proud owner and operator of your own cool robot, so naturally, your nod to posterity and the historical significance of it all, is to pit this ultra-cool technological accomplishment against other technological wonders and engage in a good old fashioned cockfight, with nary a cock to be found on these robots or in the combat ring. Basically, this app is exactly like the Marvel comics, WWE wrestling and DC comics fight club apps. Just choose a robot, customize it to your wallet's liking, and go mano a mano against a host of robotic enemies to be the last bucket'o'bolts still standing on two hydraulic legs. The action is fast paced and energetic, and I suggest you keep the blinking to a minimum, lest you miss something and find your little robot-self staring at the ceiling wondering what railroaded you.
The controls are responsive and accurate, making use of your gizmo's full touch capability. This is one of those games where beating the crap outta your screen amounts to quality play. Your digits will definitely feel the burn. The graphics are nicely detailed, with dramatic lighting, dark, dank locales and oodles of intrigue. The animation certainly has a lot to render here, and occasionally struggles to keep up. The sounds offer just the right pinch of testosterone and aggression to match the play.

Real Steel Champions app for Apple iOS is good clean fun, and despite the blatant violence, is suitable for kids of all ages.



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