Friday, March 13, 2015

RAD Boarding - App Review

RAD Boarding app for Apple iOS is a cool snowboarding game with nary a flake to be found. Outrun the lava flow you just detonated when your dumbass decided to push the big red button. This one is cool and sure to entertain virtual adrenaline junky gamers to no end. (continued)

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RAD Boarding presents in landscape mode to deliver an overblown gaming environment that’s inspired by the likes of Michael Bay, minus the $300 million dollar budget. As the story goes, you just detonated something or other that triggers the once dormant volcano to erupt endless flowing lava, so you do what any logical, sane person would do at a time like this, and grab your snowboard to hit some big air and outrun some lava rivers. I mean, that’s exactly what I’d do, so sure, I’ll suspend disbelief on that one.

Ride some gnarly, snowless hills, hit some big air, pull off a few cool tricks, then stick that landing to keep going and going until that lava catches up to you and you reunite with those long lost relatives from Pompeii.   There’s neon signs telling you the end is near, tunnels to whiz through, and hang-time to spare, and certainly no time to be wasted worrying about where you’ll hang your goggles once all the fun is over.

The controls use a lone screen tap to deliver the goods; tap and hold on the downhill to pick up speed, then release on the uphill to maintain momentum. Oh, and don't forget to keep outrunning that lava that’s literally hot on your tail. The graphics are over the top and outrageously fun so as to distract and throw you off your game. The animation is vibrantly colorful and has a lot to render here, only lagging when the screen filled up with flash and pop. The sounds are rich with cool effects, and some tediously annoying music that’s the stuff mute buttons were made for.

RAD Boarding app for Apple iOS isn’t very memorable, however, it’s solidly playable and a worthy disposable game. Play it till you’re bored, then uninstall and forget it ever existed. And if you look out your window to see a river of lava coming your way, you know what to do.



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