Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pursuit of Light - App Review

Pursuit of Light app for Apple iOS is a puzzle game that plays out a bit like a lullaby. Guide your sleepy time avatar through a pathway of crescent moons and stars to make it to the exit space. This one just might lull you to sleep and is a quality game that puzzle fans are sure to enjoy. (continued)

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Pursuit of Light presents in landscape mode to deliver a puzzle game of intrigue and inspiration. As the story goes, your little bunny eared avatar is stuck in a dimly lit dreamscape with glowing hues, and he needs your help to find the way out of this dream. But fret not, this is no nightmare, it’s just the usual collection of oddities one finds in any thriving dreamscape. Your objective, is to correctly traverse a path of crescent moons and stars to make it to the exit space, where you’ll be bathed in glowing light and gentle hues. To accomplish that, all you need do is tap the correct button that matches the next space on your path that you’d like to occupy; either the crescent moon or the star buttons. But look sharp, because you only have a limited amount of time to ponder your next move before the platform you’re standing on disappears. No, this is not a game of angst and speed; you actually have plenty of time to stand on each platform, however, as the puzzles get more complex, you’ll feel the imperative to move beckoning you forward. There’s shooting arrows, jaggies and perilous drops to leap over. The real trick though, is not getting so lulled by the presentation, that you screw up and hit the wrong button, which ends the game.
The controls use two lone buttons to make the magic happen; and all functioned nicely. The crescent moon and star buttons are placed on the lower left and right sides of your screen, and I was amazed at just how difficult pressing the right one could be. The play is so mesmeric, I often found myself hitting the wrong button, just because I was lulled into a trance induced state. The graphics certainly added to the dreamlike quality this game possesses, presenting glowing hues of yellow and orange that hypnotize you with deceptive simplicity. The animation is also quite simple, rendering your hopping avatar nicely, along with some interesting action triggers. The sounds offer the perfect complement to a game like this; very quiet and alluring, and definitely coaxing your eyes to slowly close, causing you to just drift off amid play. This one just might help you sleep at night and is certainly a better choice than most bedtime activities.

Pursuit of Light app for Apple iOS is truly a rarity in the app world. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this one and will certainly continue clear through to the end. This is a quality game, through and through, and suitable for all dream travelers, regardless of age or skill level. Sweet dreams.


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